How To Win At Roulette Strategy – Roulette Raptor System

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How To Win At Roulette Strategy - Roulette Raptor SystemIf Albert Einstein, the founder of modern physics, couldn’t discover a way to win at roulette (without stealing) what makes you think that others have?

The fact is that there is no betting or “mathematical” system that can win at roulette over the long-term, unless… you are able to take advantage of what is called a “bias” roulette wheel.

You probably already knew, but just in case you didn’t… a bias wheel is simply a wheel that causes the ball to land on certain number(s) slightly more than is expected.

For example: normally each number on roulette wheel comes up about 26 times for each 1000 spins. This gives the house the edge and leads you to lose about 5.3% of your money every spin.

But, if the wheel you are playing is bias, it may have a number that comes up 29 times per 1000 spins. This slight difference would mean give YOU a 4.6% edge on the house.

It dosn’t take much for a wheel to become statistically bias. Simply mounting the roulette wheel with a tilt of 0.1 degrees, can cause the ball to hugely preference a certain segment of the wheel.

Years ago, you had to go into a casino with a pen and paper and write down every spin. You then had to perform complicated calculations that require a calculator that handles statistical calculations. It was hard work. But many professional gamblers had great success doing it… until the casinos caught on.

There is the famous story of Joseph Jager who won £3.25 Million by monitoring and finding a bias wheel in the Beaux-Arts Casino in Monte Carlo. And the story of Gonzalo Garcia-Pelayo in the 90′s who used a computer to find biased wheels at the Casino de Madrid. He won over 1 Million Euros, and the casino took him to court. The court found that he had done nothing wrong, and he kept his winnings.

A modern day casino would never allow you to monitor a wheel like that anymore. They’d kick you out. Besides, they themself monitor the the wheels to hopefully catch any bias ones before others do.

Fortunately for us, with the advent of the internet, you can play roulette online with real live wheels. The great thing about this is; a) the online casino can’t tell if your monitoring their wheel, and b) you don’t need to do any calculations yourself to find out if the wheel is bias.

This is where Roulette Raptor comes in. I was sick any tired of so called “Betting Systems”, that wasted peoples time any money, that I decided to use my knowledge of gambling and statistics to help players get an edge. Roulette Raptor monitors the wheel for you, using an advanced chi-squared statistical analysis and tells you which numbers are profitable to bet on.

Wheel-Bias Detection: Using casino industry-standard Chi-Square analysis, Roulette Raptor can detect with up to 99% certainty that a wheel is bias.

Wheel Analysis: Roulette Raptor shows you your total spins and the count for each number on the wheel.

Profit Analysis: Roulette Raptor calculates based on the standard casino return, if a certain number has been profitable to bet on and by how much.

Ok, how much money can I make using Roulette Raptor? I will not speculate or… Read more…

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