Horse Racing System Award Winning Horse Betting Software

Introduction by ebook's author:

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Horse Racing System Award Winning Horse Betting Software“Just a few lines to congratulate you on Form Wizard-Pro. I have, over the last few years, tried a large number of horse racing programs costing up to ten times the price… I am most impressed with the results.. I am preparing this letter a couple of hours after cheering home top rated winner Lord Gyllene at 14/1. I will close now by adding that I believe Form Wizard-Pro is not only the best horse racing program I have ever used but is worth many times its price.” Mr M. Burt

“I have tested the Pro-Method over a monthly period during February and am delighted by the results…From 17 bets, 14 won and 2 were placed 2nd. A remarkable strike rate of 82%!” Mr J.K. Donnelly. Kent

“The horse racing software is winning like mad! Twelve Winning NAPS in a row from the higher class races… Fantastic!” Mr.D.Lewis

Congratulations! If you’ve tried other horse racing programs and methods with little success, then we’re confident the Form Wizard-Pro Method will far exceed your expectations. But don’t just take our word for it, see our horse racing software Press Reviews and Testimonials from Ecstatic Clients.

If you want to win consistently, month after month, you need FORM WIZARD-PRO. Two full horse racing programs in one, for accurate form analysis, from either a horse racing paper in “detailed mode” or any daily newspaper in the standard version. Genuine level stake profits from ALL Top Rated selections in recommended races.

The New Form Wizard-Pro replaces the original Form Wizard horse racing program and now integrates the amazing Pro-Method horse racing system, originally sold for £300! This horse racing system has been sold privately by us for over two years, to existing clients only. Now for the first time, you can get your hands on this exclusive Pro-Method with an amazing discount of 77%!

“I purchased your Wizard program some time ago.. results have proved to be very impressive but you’re selling it too cheap! Someone like myself would be only too willing to pay a few hundred pounds more for this type of horse racing software.” Mr J. D. Browne

“Your Horse Racing System has proved itself beyond expectations and I have recouped my original outlay many times over…Many thanks, your racing system will hopefully continue earning me money for years to come.” Mr S.Hubbard

The Wizard-Pro Method is now coming into its seventh successful winning year and comes in both horse racing software and “text” versions. Both versions are sent with your order.

The selections take approximately 5 – 10 minutes per day to find using a racing paper. The formula selections are based on real form study of how the horse has run in the past, nothing to do with tipsters, beaten favorites or stop at a winner “concoctions”.

Detailed records showing previous selections have been sent to ODDS ON to prove the authenticity of this method and the selections proofed to The Racing Times. You can also check back and prove to yourself that this method really works.

Form Wizard-Pro horse racing software rates nearly all races for daily ratings with excellent accuracy. When it comes across a qualifying PRO-NAP bet the program notifies you to have a maximum bet.

The results of our PRO-NAP bets show an unrivaled strike rate, exceeding… Read more…

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