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Introduction by ebook's author:

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Horse Backing SoftwareWe’re pleased to introduce you to our smart horse lay software called Point2Lay. This programme has been designed to show you poor performing horses in the win markets for laying. It’ll show you the horses that punters all over the world are backing ignorantly. Most of the times, they lose whilst you smile at the end of the race. This happens time and time again. See the link to a typical report from the software below.

When you run the software, it’s designed to scan the the UK and Irish races. Following that, scores are given to all the favourites for that race. These marks are distributed based our unique system. The selection for that race will be highlighted in RED. It’s that simple.

Very simple to install and run. It will take about 5 minutes to install and less than 5 minutes to run

This feature makes our software one of the best today in the industry and we are very excited about it. When enabled, it scans UK and Irish races every few seconds and about 2 minutes to the race time bets placed for you if valid selections are found. All is done on autopilot. The best part is it takes less than 2 minutes to enable it in the morning. Ideal for 9-5 workers or those leaving home. There is a video tutorial to walk you through the set up.

1. A good internet connection and a PC. Please avoid dial up internet because this could be annoyingly slow. Broadband internet connections are preferable. 2. Accounts with racing post and Betfair. For the copy of your programme to work accurately, you will need to be a paid RacingPost subscriber. If you an ordinary member (non-paying), your copy of the software may not be allowed to visit some hidden files on racingpost website, thereby giving you inaccurate selections. If you are not a paid racingpost member already, please visit or phone on +44(0)1935 898 781 or +44(0) 16625 577650. They charge £2 per week. Please note, this fee is completely out of our hands. 3. You will need a copy of the software.

Once you’ve signed up, you will be re-directed to a page where you’ll be able to download the software + Guide + how to do lay betting with very reduced risks. You will only lose what you want to lose if our selection loses. With our lay betting plan, you never lose more than you want.

Please contact us for help if you are not re-directed or receive an automatic email. This email should also contain a link to download the software

Thanks for giving me 15-day trial. I paper traded and I’m still lost at the accuracy of the programme. In all my betting life, lay bets have never been my style but i can now do lay bets. Your software works.

Your customer service is one of the best I’ve seen. Your lay software is doing very well. I hope it keeps it nice like this

Hi Guys, your software is good. Just to let you know if decide to sell, I will be the first to purchase it

” Hey – Thank for the records to date – that is a mighty impressive set of results some £4400 profit in just 2 months and at a time when the switch from flat to jumps… Read more…

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