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Introduction by ebook's author:

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Golden GeldingsThis three part Strategy has you making profit each month whether you are a novice or a professional – no matter what your lifestyle, affordable bank or comfort threshold…..choose the Plan thats suits you …AND WHAT’S MORE WE WILL GUIDE YOU THROUGH EACH DAY!

Full complete records with the Strategy; complete instructions, step by step guide PLUS…….(read on)

I found this little pearl hidden in a blog of someone I follow. Had a look, seemed interesting and different so I went for it. I am so, so glad I did, what a little beauty. Doubled the price I paid for it in profits in the first few days.

Just wanted to say very quickly, thanks, and well done, another stunning system from the Nova Stable. I’ve bought from you before and like your systems very much, also you are easy to contact and I know you guys are up front.

Bit worried about this one as I had seen some neutral, no negative, reports, but I gave it a go. So glad I did, I won yet again today with a horse I really thought would win – Hard To Swallow Perth at 14.25. Made quite a handy profit now in only two weeks.

I am doing as you say and building up a complete portfolio of systems that work, and that work for me. Until I talked to you I had not thought about the idea that a system/method should actually fit in with my lifestyle, so thanks for that.

I am writing this testimonial about Dennis and Hazel the people who devised the Fancy Fillies laybet system. I have over the years been conned by a few charlatons on the internet selling duff systems and also paying upfront for tips from useless tipsters who hide behind numbers. It is impossible to contact them or get a reply off them when you know you have been skanked. I purchased the Fancy Fillies system a while back and soon got the hang of it. I did to the letter what it said, regarding the bank needed and also the staking system and it works a treat if you follow the rules.

On a few occasions when I’ve had problems with my software, I have phoned up to find out if there was laybet that day and have always been given the info.

In fact Dennis and Hazel were so helpful they even suggested what was wrong with my laptop, and they were right!

In all my time of being involved with systems and tipsters, this is the first time I have been involved with two genuine and honest people and i am making a nice steady profit by using the Fancy Fillies system.

I would recomend to anyone that they can trust Dennis and Hazel 100 per cent with any dealings they have regarding racing systems or any other info.

We’ve uncovered an unusual fact, created a strategy around it; trialled it, tested it, and recorded the results to DISCOVER THAT THIS hasTRIPLED OUR ORIGINAL BANK ! And brought in over 60 times our original stake! Within a few months! And we can show you EXACTLY how to do the same…

Because we are going to give you an amazing bonus with this already cut-price Strategy….with this… Read more…

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