Football Trading System

Introduction by ebook's author:

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Football Trading SystemWelcome to FTS Income a genuine site for the punters. FTS Income has been online since 2007 and in that time many punters have gone from losers to winners. I have bet full time for the last 5 years and win over £200,000 each year across my portfolio of systems. When I started I was guided by Internet marketers who set up a big flashy webpage with stupid headlines and silly pictures as that was all I knew. FTS has evolved over the years to become a leading site for all types of punter. On this page you will find everything this site has to offer.

A good place to start is to enter your email in the box on the right and download FREE the first Issue of newsletters. I set up the gambling academy in November 2010 to further educate people who want to take their gambling to a level where they earn a nice living from it. A series of highly informative low cost, newsletters are available walking people through the steps involved to gamble for a living.

With exercises to help you on your way, methods to help you build a good starting bank, psychology on coping with the swings in gambling and contributions from other successful millionaire gamblers, I believe they are the best resource online to take this gambling game seriously. Simply enter your email in the box and you will get instant access to Issue 1 FREE. Everything you would ever need to know to profit is covered in the newsletters and we have over 100 testimonials at

I make my living mainly trading football matches having started small I now trade fewer games for bigger stakes across a portfolio of methods, some you will know some you will not and each has my own strict rules which I apply to it. Being a successful punter I was offered the chance to have an online presence and took it, not realising at all what the online gambling world is about. It is full of charlatans, scammers and out and out liars who make ridiculous claims about winnings when they do not even bet. They team up in groups and promote each others crap product after crap product with fake pictures and downright lies. FTS is different. FTS is now a site run by punters for punters. We have built up a strong community of fellow gamblers over the years and offer system trials, Betting System Reviews as well as my own trading methods. There is a portfolio of products across the FTS website which make LONG TERM PROFITS and will turn you into a winning gambler.

I do sell my systems. Everyone who signs up to an FTS product gets the selections I personally bet myself sent via email for life. I use these selections every week to make a very healthy income. Each system comes with its own pdf manual explaining the system and you are then added to the email list where I send my bets of the day out everyday and have done so for the last 4 years. Gambling is a great way to make a living when done properly and all income from gambing in the UK is tax free.

This system is available for $77 and that… Read more…

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