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Football Tips ProWe are a small team of professionals with expertise in the areas of mathematics, statistics and computing and have developed a number of profitable football betting systems.

If you join our service, we will send you daily e-mails with details of any value bets that our systems have highlighted. We will also send you a welcome pack with advice on how to get the best from this service.

We cannot guarantee future performance, but in each of the four seasons we’ve been running our systems, our bank has at more than doubled in size. We expect our tips to perform as well as this for the current season and for future seasons.

If you click on the “Buy Now” link, you can sign-up to receive daily e-mails until a total of 50 tips have been sent to you. You can top-up on this at any point to ensure that you continue to receive new tips.

We use cutting edge prediction algorithms to provide regular football tips that, over the last four seasons, have provided yields of 29.0%, 27.8%, 33.1% and 39.1% to level stakes. Season 2010/11 was our best yet and you can see from our results page that you could have turned a £500 bank into £5,389.87 in just 9 months!

Our systems look at 10 leagues from across Europe and provide regular tips from the middle of August to the end of May each year. We will only e-mail you with a tip when our systems show that it offers significant value.

Most tipping services offer the option of a monthly subscription, where you would pay a monthly fee to receive regular tips. However, for the reasons mentioned above, we do not do this. After all, it would be unfair to charge a monthly fee for June and July when no tips are provided, and it would be unfair to charge the same monthly amount when we can’t guarantee how many tips you will be sent in any given month. Instead, you can sign-up to our service by buying 50 tips for a cost of £50 plus VAT.

Once signed-up, you will receive daily e-mails with details of any new tips. Some days you will receive one tip, some days you will receive several, though often the e-mail will simply be to let you know that there are no new tips. These daily e-mails will also tell you how many tips you have left and will include a link that will allow you to buy more so that, if you are happy with our service, you can continue to receive tips without any interruption.

Once you sign-up for your first set of tips, you will also receive an Excel spreadsheet to help you keep track of your bets and your bankroll. This includes formulas that will automatically work out your recommended stakes if you choose to follow one of the three staking plans we recommend. Read more…

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