Fancy Fillies Horse Racing System

Introduction by ebook's author:

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Fancy Fillies Horse Racing SystemPlease Note: The Fancy Fillies System is a laying system. It makes extensive use of Betting Exchanges. Betting Exchanges are not legal in some countries and states in the US. Please check if you can legally use a Betting Exchange in your own country. Quick Win/Loss Results below

ALL RESULTS LIVE AND RENEWED DAILY IN THE MEMBERSHIP AREA – YOU CAN’T GET ANY MORE ‘REAL’ THAN THIS! Made over 80 times our original this year 2011! It’s a bit more than the banks would give you :)

EXTRA BONUS – so that you can check that the system really works! We are giving away, for a LIMITED TIME ONLY, three month’s FREE membership of the selection service – worth £90 + a designer calculator!

We offer a Special Selection service with this system. Members sign in every morning to a special page where we post the selection for the day. This has been selling for years at £30.00 a month – so immediately you get access to a bonus of £90.00! Plus the sytem comes with a special calculator worth £50.00*! Already you are in pocket, and with the selection service you won’t need to spend 15 minutes each day, just a few seconds to access a private members’ page.

Your statement will show the payment as to ClickBank. Also the cost is in US$ converted to the currency of your country and the exchange rates can vary.

I enjoy the Fancy fillies so much i will keep on auto pay as it is easier this way due to my work comitments and thanks for the explanation.

Nearly doubled my starting bank now. Can’t find a bank anywhere that pays an interest rate that big. Keep up the excellent work.

Hazel and Dennis,of course you can use my comments it’s always a pleasure dealing with yourselves. An excellent service that provides excellent advice. You can use any part you wish to. Have a great winning weekend.

I bought the Fancy Fillies system over a week ago and as you rightly suggest I have been paper trading. Actually I have been waiting for a ‘loss’ day so that I would start trading with real money. I MUST COMPLAIN THAT SINCE I BOUGHT YOUR SYSTEM THERE HAS NOT BEEN A ‘LOSS’ DAY!! In other words the system has worked perfectly! Only joking of course.

But what a brilliant system this is, quick, easy and you even hold our hands for the first three months anyway! Also thanks for being so patient with me, I know I asked a lot of questions before buying but you were always so honest and replied quickly. So I am very pleased with the results! Speak again soon and thanks. John G. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

I have been on the fancy fillies system for more than a year now. I have been using level stakes, and the results at level stakes have been brill. I would like to use the staking plan you suggest now in your book, as I believe this will bring in more profit.

So what were my testing results? Well, the Fancy Fillies System strike rate has never gone below 80% for me! Because of the low odds this system lays at, that strike rate produced a huge profit. By the end of one month I made £230 profit and… Read more…

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