DREAMLAYS – Professional Laying Tips

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DREAMLAYS - Professional Laying TipsGetting started in the business is easier than you think. Dreamlays has been growing on the racing advisory market from month to month and has developed into a leading profitable service. After being in the industry for a considerable amount of time, we noticed there was a definite need for a truthful and honest service that generates consistent profits at REALISTIC PRICES.

Now you can get ahead by following the experts with our lay tipping service ! With our team of experts we will provide YOU our customer with a privileged and discreet service in order to gain significant profits from Laying horses to LOSE!

Don’t be fooled by the many betting systems on the internet that simply do not live up to their promises ! Through personal experience, we can tell you that most of these systems that claim they will make you rich in a very short period of time are a con, a waste of time and ultimately a waste of your money.

We do not believe in betting systems, we believe there is no substitute for hard work when selecting horses to bet on. The tips are carefully selected and so far the results have been excellent. The aim is to achieve a consistantly high strike rate and return on investment for steady and sustainable bank growth with consistently good results month in month out.

We take things here seriously as your satisfaction is very important to us, as we want you to stay onboard with us, that’s why the service we provide is one of the best around. What sets us apart from the rest is our professionalism and our commitment to racing BUT most of all our EXCELLENT RESULTS.

When you subscribe to our lay tipping service you will get access to the MEMBERS area of the web site. The members area is where the tips will be published. All selections are published every day before or at least at 11.30 A.M. Our tips are published as early as possible because we understand that most of our clients don’t have computer access during the day due to work or other commitments. A lot of hard work and dedication goes into giving our clients the very best possible chance of success.

Key elements of making any racing investment profitable are a STAKING PLAN, PATIENCE and PERSISTENCE.

A staking plan is simply a way of structuring the stakes on each lay. We advice that you do maintain a staking plan because just putting on randomly sized bets is not a good idea. You will invariable lose your big bets if you are randomly picking values.

We recommend a betting bank of at least 50 times your stake. e.g. if your chosen stake is £10 then a £500 betting bank should be more than enough to cope with losing bets which inevitably occur. The aim is to make a consistent profit over time, ending each month in profit. This is the simplest staking plan and the one we recommend for all new members.

Once your betting bank starts to grow, you can increase your stakes accordingly. You can then assess your rate of progress and increase your stake in proportion. We recommend to do this monthly.

Our policy is to provide a quality service for our members, one where… Read more…

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