Bonus Bagging – Bag Those Bonuses – Matched Betting

Introduction by ebook's author:

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Bonus Bagging - Bag Those Bonuses - Matched BettingDo you believe that it’s impossible to come out on top with sports betting? Do you think that there couldn’t possibly be a system to beat the bookmakers? Well, there is – but it doesn’t involve winning the bets…

Bookmakers are there to make a profit – crazy, I know. They’re not just looking to give out money to the next person who thinks he has a sure-fire system to beat them. That’s why those people with the “sure bets” are always selling them instead of banking on the guaranteed riches.

Most gamblers know what bookmaker bonuses are… when you sign up to betting sites, you get deposit bonuses and such things. The problem is that many people don’t think you can keep doing these – once you’ve got a deposit bonus there’s nothing else you can do at that bookmaker, right?

Most people think that these programs are useless once you’ve signed up to all the bookmakers… but even if you’ve signed up to the huge amount of bookmakers that we have listed, you can STILL use reload bonuses to find huge pockets of profit.

Now you’re probably thinking, “Joke’s on you since you just told me everything I need to know to start doing this right now”.

Well, actually, you’re right. Bonus Bagging isn’t just about teaching you how to use these methods…

All you have to do is send me an email and we do all of the hard work. We’ll tell you which bookmaker to sign up with, the amount to deposit, which game to bet on, and even the amounts to place on each outcome.

Other websites use arbitrage to bet on different outcomes at different odds – the simple fact is: this almost never happens! Almost no other product can claim what we can…

You don’t even need to be a gambler! This isn’t gambling because you simply can’t lose any money. Of course – if you are a gambler – you could use these techniques to quickly and easily build a betting bank without risk.

Already tried matched betting and have lots of bookmakers accounts? Great. This service is still just as powerful since you probably aren’t signed up for all 100+ websites – and even if you were, there is still a ton of reload type offers to take advantage of!

I can say it though because I have personally tested most of the betting systems out there. They try to work through bullshit betting methods that beat the bookmakers odds. The only problem? You won’t beat the bookmakers – that’s why they’re even allowing you to bet. In order to make sure every bookmaker is reputable and secure – I have used them all myself and have made sure that your card details will be safe and that they will honour the bonuses. These are all well-known and legitimate bookmakers. You simply can not get scammed here…

And if you still aren’t sure about the legitimacy of bonus bagging, you can rest assured that a spokesperson for one of the bigger bookies, William Hill, has indicated that the betting industry has absolutely no problem with this use of free bets. It’s like they’re sticking a bullseye on their foreheads.

This question is very common… and people always think that I’ll talk crap… Read more…

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