Blackjack Underground Secrets to Winning BIG

Introduction by ebook's author:

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Blackjack Underground Secrets to Winning BIGWhy did I do it? Why grab their most private information and virtually give it away to people just like you? Well, once the economy tanked, the casinos started laying off people. Sure the casinos were still making money but it was coming mostly from average weekend gamblers, instead of the ‘whales’ (really big players who would gamble millions of dollars away), so the casino bosses came up with a strategy to use the economic trouble as an excuse to fire people they didn’t like and lay off a bunch more. After a few months of cutbacks, rest of us (the lucky ones that still had a job) found ourselves stuck – we had to pick up the slack or we’d get fired too. Sound familiar? We all were stuck in a catch-22 (a real no-win situation). If we complained about it, we were going to be ‘out the door’ with a pink-slip. If we didn’t complain, we had three times the workload dumped on our backs – work that we had to do perfectly, or they said we weren’t doing our jobs! And, real kick in the teeth came later – after we all got ulcers from the strain – the bosses told us that since, obviously we were able to do this much work now, it meant we had been slacking off all along! There was no way to win. Finally I said ENOUGH is ENOUGH! It was nothing short of abuse! That’s when I broke ranks! Told them what I thought of them and turned in my resignation. From that moment on, I decided to take everything I’d learned about how to protect blackjack and turn it upside-down! I decided to Show Everybody Who Wanted To Know – Exactly How To Turn the Tables on Every Casino, in Every Gaming Area, Every Country, and even Online! I figured that with all the secrets I know, I can show everybody how to ‘Take A Financial Bite’ out of the Casinos! And, the more people who know how to Grab the Casino’s Money, the better I like it! I’ll admit it, I am breaking an unspoken rule in the casino business. And I don’t care! They treated us like crap and they can’t get away with it! Back in the 1950′s, when “Guido and da Boyz” were still taking care of things, I’d probably be running for my life right now, but this is the 21st century and corporate America is running the casinos! (Besides, when ‘they’ ran things, nobody would have treated us bad in the first place…..) Ok, some of you might be thinking, sure – it’s easy out there with all the casinos available, but it’s not like that. When I broke ranks, ’cause I’m so well known here, I really can’t play any of the live games here in town. When I play live action, I usually do it on a cruise ship. But who cares, you don’t need live casinos – not when you’ve got online blackjack! Who needs to live in Las Vegas when you can Make So Much Money playing ONLINE! It’s easy and cheap to get started plus you get sign up bonuses you’ll never see in a live casino! I show you all the best Online Casinos in your FREE… Read more…

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