Blackjack Cracker – The Ultimate Blackjack System – Win $1,000 a Week Beating The Casinos

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Blackjack Cracker - The Ultimate Blackjack System - Win $1,000 a Week Beating The CasinosBlackjack Cracker™… A winning edge that could put at least $150 a day, tax free*, into your pocket!

Don Hunting, a mathematical genius and specialist in computer spreadsheet applications reveals his staggering system that enables you to LEGALLY, BEAT THE CASINO…

The rules can be covered in just a couple of lines: A dealer gives you two cards. You win when you draw a total greater than the dealer but not exceeding 21. You can do this by asking for another card (‘hit’) or by sticking with the cards you’ve got (‘stand’)… and that’s really all there is to it!

Once the province only of those who frequented casinos in person, blackjack now can be played for BIG cash returns from the comfort of your home – thanks to the Internet.

You see, playing blackjack in a casino means you are legally required to use only your skill and judgement. In other words, you are not permitted – by law – to use calculators, written notes or anything else that would give you an advantage.

Once you’ve logged-in to the online casino and registered to play, you are completely free to take as long as you wish to make each of your moves – and, most importantly, you are at legal liberty to use any aid you wish in order to help you play to your financial benefit.

Now, no doubt those who own and run the online casinos are acutely aware of the incredible advantage this gives YOU the player. And equally, without doubt, they would like to be able to apply the same kind of restrictions as the real casinos and to dictate to you what you may or may not do, but for obvious reasons they CAN’T. They are left with having to accept things as they are.

Naturally, online casinos do not exactly go out of their way to publicise what is, after all, for their clientele almost a licence to print money – and who could blame them?

Like every other business they’re there to make a profit and the least number of players who know about this chink in their amour, and how best to capitalise upon it, the better they like it. No surprises there, then!

And experienced blackjack players, who’ve learnt their trade by visiting casinos in person, are likely to be more inclined to continue to go to an actual casino to play than to play online. Old habits die hard and they might tell you that they prefer the atmosphere and the surroundings of an actual casino, possibly adding that they attribute some of their gambling success to those things. This means that most, if not all, online blackjack players are likely to be a mix of beginners and social players.

From the online casino’s point-of-view this couldn’t be better for it suggests that such a novice gambling group would, on the whole, be inclined to lose more often than to win.

Yet, not content with that, online casinos do still attempt to swing the odds even more in their own favour. They do this by constantly reshuffling the digital cards, thus making redundant the once popular practice of card counting. This fact alone is responsible for defeating online players who otherwise might have expected to win. Read more…

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