Betting Super Profits

Introduction by ebook's author:

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Betting Super ProfitsAre you sick of betting systems that promise the world and yet fail to deliver every time. Systems designed and sold all in a weekend with 4 bets as proof and tracked history.

I know I am because I’ve tried and tested over a dozen horse racing systems over the last couple of years with not one to result in long term profits… This is why I…

I knew it would be a long and painful road but I wasn’t getting the results from buying systems so I wanted to try and create my own… Now it took close to 18 months to go through all the past years data and look for trends… It then took a further 4 months of tweaking and placing small bets before I had a break though system that looked promising and was in profit.

Now so far this year this amazing formula has made a profit of £100,230 which is almost 4 times what I earn as a teacher. It’s given me the financial freedom to do what I want and allowed me to cut my teaching down to a part time basis which I’ve done because I enjoy teaching… I no longer need to work for the money.

This Secret 10 part proven formula has transformed my life and it can yours too. Just 18 months ago I was a broke, in debt and working almost 50 hours per week if you count the marking and preparing for lessons. Now today I’m earning six figures, working just part time for the enjoyment of it and I’ve even been able to treat myself to my dream car… A black Porsche 997…

Now there’s one difference between you and 99.7% of the betting public and that’s that you’ve found this website… Most people will ever even know that this system exists because I’m only going to sell a very low number before taking the site down… To be exact, only 250 copies are going to be sold and I’ve been told that these are likely to sell in a matter of days once people find out about this website.

Congratulations on knowing about Betting Super Profits because it has to be the easiest LEGAL way to make money… You don’t need to make any hard decisions, you just simply follow the 10 point formula to betting riches.

Now I’ve let a couple of friends test the Betting Super Profits system out for a couple of months before offering it to the public and here’s what they had to say:

I’ve done like you said and started with just betting £10 and £20 per bet and have now worked my way up to £40 per bet. In the last 6 weeks I’ve made around £2,500 profit… I suppose the beers are on me this weekend ;)

I just can’t believe its still making money week after week and I’m starting to get really confident in it so I’ll be placing some larger stakes like yourself very soon.

Now I know you might have some questions about my system so to make sure you know exactly what your getting I’ve answered the questions people have asked me…

Being from the UK I have designed these systems to work on British racing but the same principles will still apply to American racing or anywhere in the world for that matter… Read more…

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