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Betfair Trading ExpertAre these the type of figures you would like to realise from your Sports Trading on Betfair? If so you’ve come to the right place and I suggest you read on. I am currently winning on average over £2,000 per day and you can too. You do not need to have any in-depth knowledge of the sports or sports trading. My systems are easy to follow and easy to profit from. They are structured so that you too can free yourself from the 9-to-5 life and become your own boss.

Simply enter your name & email address below and I’ll email you my Free Gambling Guide, which will help you to avoid the pitfalls of gambling online. If you’re serious about your betting, you need a free copy of this.

My name is Dr Matthew Abraham and I’m from London (UK) and I have a PhD in Probability & Statistics and this means I have an unhealthy obsession in studying statistics & trends and getting to the bottom of how to things work. I have enjoyed sports and sports betting for a number of years and I used to bet for fun and win and lose just as much as the next punter. However after getting introduced to Betfair in 2005, it became clear that there was a lot of money to be won, if I could just create the right trading strategy. Well I created 6 of them and now I’m reaping the rewards and YOU CAN WIN BIG TOO!!

The first system I created was a Tennis Trading System and this was extensively paper traded for 6 months until I got it working perfectly. It now runs like clockwork and anyone can profit from this, with no knowledge of tennis or sports betting at all. Since then I have developed and traded 3 additional tennis trading systems, all of which have been extremely profitable. Between the time of creating the first tennis system I created and developed a system for trading football/soccer on the Betfair betting exchange. Once again I tested this extensively and started to make excellent returns in no-time at all. This is the easiest system to implement and is practically foolproof, offering a massive returns for very minimal effort. So in total I have 6 hugely successful trading systems which help me to win time after time and keep greening up Betfair with the best trading systems available. It took me 2 full years to develop all 6 systems which together make up the Betfair Trading Expert System

NO – This is not gambling, this is trading I may have a PhD but that didn’t stop me from being your regular gambler for many years and by regular gambler, I mean a losing gambler. Let’s face it, the vast majority of bettors are losers, you don’t see too many poor bookmakers do you? Their odds are always skewed in their favour and it’s practically impossible to win long-term. Well betting exchanges have changed all that as you can now act as the bookmaker and trade yourself guaranteed profits. The systems which are instantly available for download after purchase explain how to do all of this in a clear and concise manner. You do not need to be a genius or a betting expert to use the strategies outlined within here. They are so easy… Read more…

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