Automated roulette software system to win at roulette systems of online casino

Introduction by ebook's author:

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Automated roulette software system to win at roulette systems of online casinoHi there, My name`s Andy Veerhoven and i am no doctor nor a selfmade claimed millionaire. However i drive a nice Porsche 911 and have a different take from the crowd on how a perfect life should be lived . Im not going to brag about how much i`ve earned, i simply let you take a glimpse.

“Im Andy Veerhoven and i make a fantastic living robbing online casinos (in the legal sense)”

But actually its so easy it feels just like robbing candy from a baby. End of the year 2007 il probably have spared enough to buy me this huge 220 qm appartment ive been dreaming off. I do NOT claim to make millions each year but a few thousands (sometimes 15,000 USD a month ) are not bad either, don`t you think?

So how do i do it? I simply use my own programmed Roulette Software to show me EXACTLY on what combinations to bet. This roulette software is designed to win online european roulette wheel. Its just as simple as it sounds.. Watching the game for awhile , putting the live data gathered from the past 10 spins into the software, hitting the “calculate” button and VOILA following the softwares instructions for the next bet. Sounds simple and is simple. Still the development off this baby was…. i would say almost insane. Months of failitures, testing data, planning and real life casino trips have been necessary to come up with this program.

I was sceptical at first, but i’m quite impressed now! Roulettekiller has cleared out my financial debt of $8500 within 4 months! I desperately tried so many ways to earn money on the internet, and this is really the only one that works as described! UNBELIEVABLE!! Thank you Andy! Jaap, Belgium

Martingale strategies, reversed progression.. jesus what bullshit. It all comes down to a good betting strategy following a proven path and bankroll managment.

if you can master that you WILL walk away with profits regularly. you need to be smarter than the masses! If everyone is a sheep, you need to be the wolve. (apply those wise words to your living aswell)

…Click on the “Play” Button to see me make a nice Profit of 2,100 usd in just 4 minutes…

Albert Einstein said that the only way to win at Roulette table is to steal the money from it. This Old Geezer was so damn wrong!

To Mr Einsteins defense.. he had no powerful Computer hardware to experiment with in the first place. Besides his theories are based on real life casino. We are talking about MD5 randomizer software used by the online casinos. And those systems have flaws that we reclessly exploit.

Hi Andy! I must say I am impressed.. first I thought this might be some other rip off as so many other pruducts out there but nope this one did indeed work for me. Now it’s the second week I use it and I cashed in a couple of thousands, well it’s not more since I switched server once in a while not to get the gamble companies (I’ve tried 4) suspicious. Everything seems to be foolproof as also a couple of my buddies are now using it and they are not quite the experts when it comes to using some computer tools if you know what I mean… Read more…

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