Attack The Betting Exchanges

Introduction by ebook's author:

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Attack The Betting ExchangesJust fill in your name and email address to get access to the same Trading Battle Plan the pro traders keep close to their chests. Only available here… in your Free Pro Battle Plan!

Amazing Secret Strategies Discovered By Formerly Average Punter Adds Up To 200 Percent To Your Winnings, Eliminates The “Learning Curve” and Transforms You Quickly From A Loser To A Winner… Almost Overnight!

…nailing trade after trade, exactly how you want, as accurate as clockwork… and, if you’re like most “Attack The Betting Exchange” users, pulling in a pile of cash off every round! Impossible? Not if you believe what these professional gamblers and hot new players worldwide are saying…

If you’ve ever wanted to be a winner at Betfair… while enjoying a schedule you set… watching your favorite team, player or horse compete… then this will be the most important message you can ever read.

Here’s what this is all about: I’m Carl James, consultant for and half a dozen other websites dedicated to helping folks like you learn and profit from the betting exchanges.

Prior to that, I was your average “punter”. I had a love/hate relationship with sports betting and trading — some days I’d be winning like a pro… while the next I’d be zeroing out my account. I swear I’ve stood with my computer in hand, one emotional hair-trigger away from tossing the whole idea of online betting and never placing another wager for the rest of my life.

Does it drive you nuts? I had no consistency to my winnings at all, even after months of regular playing. No way to tell what each game would bring. And it wasn’t for lack of trying, either — I’d easily dropped several thousand trying to crack the code…

That’s why I started consulting with Gavin from,, and, to name a few. There I chatted with hundreds of other exchange bettors, always on the lookout for winning strategies. After a few months…

I found the real online betting pros and got them to explain their systems to me. I improved my own record with so much success that I was consistently winning 90% of my games and races. My account balance kept climbing (and you should of seen the happy look on my wife’s face!)

I saw a 212% improvement, in just a few short weeks! (where my old ways gave me a successful bet in 1 of 4 or 5 tries, now I was hitting 8 or 9 winners out of every 10 bets I placed.)

The online betting exchanges are the biggest, most exciting, democratic revolution in sports gambling in the last 100 years! And now, you can use my winning strategies in these four ebooks to parlay your knowledge of the game, teams and players into a profitable hobby or even full-time earnings.

* Play your way to financial freedom – this is the only method with everything you need to start earning immediately!

* It’s fun — like a friendly wager without any of the potential bad feelings when you go to collect your winnings!

* Work this fair system, with no skim for the house, there’s more money for the winning players.

* Leave out the middleman (High Street bookmakers). No more trips to the betting office, no more missed opportunities, and better prices. Read more…

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