Watch Photography Secrets

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Watch Photography SecretsAttention: Calling all watch collectors, watch sellers, or anyone that just loves photographing them…

“Who Else Wants to Discover the Surprisingly Simple, Step-By-Step Methods of a 33 Year Old Man from PA for Taking Perfect Watch Photographs Every Time… 100% Guaranteed!”

If Capturing Picture Perfect Shots of Your Watch Collection isn’t Exactly Your Strong Suit, Keep Reading…

One of the biggest joys to watch collecting however is actually sharing with others. Unfortunately for most of us though, taking professional quality photos of our timepieces is easier said than done.

Watch Photography Secrets is an illustrated, step-by-step guide that will take you from beginner watch photographer to pro in no time at all.

Whether you are an online watch enthusiast who simply wants to share pictures of your collection with others, a watch dealer or vendor looking to take better photos for listings, or an eBay dealer — you’ll learn everything you need to know and more with Watch Photography Secrets.

Exactly how to setup the perfect shot! Skipping this all-important step can mean the difference between a professional quality photo and a terrible one!

How to make sure that your photos turn out sharp and clear every time! These tips will take your photography skills to the next level, guaranteed!

Little known lighting secrets! Discover exactly how to make the best use of lighting, both indoor and out!

How to properly use a light box. A light box can be a photographers best friend, but knowing how to use it properly is the real key!

How to eliminate pesky crystal glare! Crystal glare can make watch photography a challenge, learn exactly what to do to eliminate it!

How to correct color! Even the best photographers need some help with color correction — you’ll learn exactly how to improve the quality of your pictures with my super simple color correction techniques.

The best ways to eliminate unwanted reflections! How to get rid of those unwanted reflections once and for all!

Step-by-step post-photo software editing instructions! Discover how to touch up your photos and turn even the most lackluster images into stunning pictures! Hint: One of the best software programs for this is FREE.

How to avoid common watch photography pitfalls! Most people make several common mistakes which ruin their photos completely, I’ll show you exactly how to avoid these pitfalls!

Learn exactly how to upload your photos to the web and share them with other watch enthusiasts! Even if you’re a complete computer newbie, I’ll show you exactly how to upload and share pictures of your watches on the Internet — for FREE!

I’m an avid watch collector and have struggled for years with trying to take good photos of my collection. After reading your guide, I’ve seen a DRAMATIC improvement in the quality of my photos.

My only regret is that I didn’t stumble onto this years ago. There have been many pieces in my collection which have been traded or sold and now that they’re gone, I wish I had better photos of them to remember them by.

I’ve seen an immediate increase in the sale price of watches that I list on eBay as a result of following your advice. Thanks again mate.

Just wanted to drop you a quick note to tell you how much I enjoyed Watch Photography… Read more…

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