Ventriloquist Puppets – Learn How To Do Ventriloquism

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Ventriloquist Puppets - Learn How To Do VentriloquismYou might remember Edgar Bergen and his “dummy” Charlie. They were world-famous stars in their time. These days the big-name ventriloquists are guys like Jeff Dunham, Terry Fator and David Strassman. They are earning huge money and having the time of their life, and they deserve it. They are masters of their craft.

Now, you may want to be a world-famous ventriloquist and have your act all over the internet, like they do. Or, you might just want to surprise your family or friends with your newfound talent.

Either is possible with this fun, easy-to-learn ability. Anyone can be become a ventriloquist, including you. All it takes is some simple instructions, and a few minutes of practice every day. The practice is fun and exciting as you get better and better, and best of all… the instructions come from an American master ventriloquist.

You will mystify your friends as your voice appears out of a locked box, the room next door, or from the ceiling. Imagine yourself having a hilarious conversation with wise-cracking ventriloquist puppet, and your audience calling for more … all you need are the closely-guarded secrets of the masters of the art.

Charles Olin was a practicing ventriloquist, earning his living all around America. He was also a writer, producing numerous books on various subjects.

This is good news for you, because Olin left his classic work “Ventriloquism Made Easy” as a working instruction manual for would-be ventriloquists, so you can learn the secrets of the professionals.

You may have seen the big-time professional ventriloquists use two dummies at once, or appear to have a character “speak” from out of a trunk or from another room.

“Ventriloquism Made Easy” will show you how to use “near” ventriloquism with your main character figure, as well as “far” ventriloquism to have your voice come from the roof, the room next door, or out of a suitcase. There are particular methods of creating this illusion known only to the professionals, and also now to you.

This particular technique is a standard of ventriloquism shows, and Olin’s book “Ventriloquism Made Easy” will show you how to develop this necessary part of your act.

Of course, it is one thing to master the fundamentals of “Ventriloquism”. It is quite another to develop a routine which will have your audience rocking with laughter and calling for more.

Charles Olin’s classic instruction manual, “Ventriloquism Made Easy” will show you exactly, with specific examples, how to develop a ventriloquist’s routine which combines comedy while showing off your new-found mastery.

There are very few really effective ventriloquist courses available. The masters of the art don’t want you to learn their secrets.

It is only because Charles Olin was both journalist and ventriloquist that you can have access to this classic manual of the ventriloquist’s craft at all. Your success is guaranteed if you will follow the material and complete the exercises.

The course is easy to follow, and the exercises do not seem like work at all. Your skill will improve with every session and before you know it, you will have a complete routine ready for bookings or to delight and surprise your family and friends.

Ventriloquism is loads of fun, and easier to master than most people think. Your purchase and success is guaranteed… Read more…

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