The Revelation Effect – #1 Mentalism and Mind Reading Trick

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The Revelation Effect - #1 Mentalism and Mind Reading TrickThis effect is so powerful it has been proven to convince people of real mind reading. Use this trick with caution!!!

Welcome to The Revelation Effect, As you’ve just seen in the video above, this effect gets AWESOME reactions, is so easy to do and can be performed anywhere at anytime to anyone. Considered to be the ULTIMATE mentalism and mind reading trick, this incredibly powerful effect will give you the ability to read minds like never before. You’re here because you want the best. You want that one trick that just rules them all. A trick will take your magic to the next level. Whether you’re a beginner or professional, experienced or no experience at all this trick is perfect – Welcome to The Revelation Effect!

The Revelation Effect allows you to reveal a secret thought inside the mind of a spectator or any person you choose, using an ingenious method that you will soon learn within this video. It’s pure Mind Reading and its secret should not be shared…but it’s so good that it has to be known! It is said that the holy grail of mentalism and mind reading is to be able to walk up to someone – without any set-up – 100% impromptu – and be able to tell them what they are thinking of. There are a range of different methods you could use to do this, but The Revelation Effect beats them ALL hands down. It’s the cleanest, fairest and easiest way to read someone’s mind. Perform it anywhere at anytime to anyone – it can’t get any better than that!

So yes, this is totally IMPROMPTU. Based on a very old method, this video and presentation gives it a modern feel and look, taking it to a new level. Fraudulent Psychics would use this to convince people of supernatural powers and real mind reading. Now for the first time, you get the chance to learn this effect in a professional instructional video, teaching you everything you need to know in order to perform this mind boggling trick. Check it out…

Learn the secret and presentation to this incredible mind reading trick – Revelation. You get everything you need to know in this Instant Download, with in depth instructions, full performance footage and special bonuses that will turn you into a true mind reader and mentalist. Order now and you’ll receive your Instant Download within minutes. Simply grab your download at the bottom of this page. With your 10 Day 100% Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee you have nothing to lose. This trick is a reputation maker! You’ll be freaking people out with this as soon as you learn it. AND you’ll be able to perform it where ever you are. AND even if you’ve never performed before or no nothing about mentalism and mind reading this effect is perfect. Because this trick is based on an ingenious method, it’s suitable for anyone who wants to have the ability to seemingly read minds or showcase the skills of a mentalist. This effect is so powerful that people will actually believe what you do is real – Body Language Expert, Mind Reader, Mentalist, NLP or Psychic – It’s up to you. As you may find, there are so many different tricks available on the internet today, but…

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