The Nature Photography Cookbook by Esther Beaton

Introduction by ebook's author:

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The Nature Photography Cookbook by Esther Beaton“The 60 Easiest and Most Effective Techniques of Professional Nature Photography that get Salable Results Fast”

How would you like to learn photography techniques that professionals have kept secret? After 25 years as a full time, award-winning nature and wildlife photographer, I am ready to teach you all I know. AND I’m going to teach you in the easiest way possible —-

My new technique is revolutionary. Most instruction books have all the difficult, technical stuff, like optics and lighting, up front. But with my easy instructions, – just like your favorite cookbook – you just assemble the ingredients and follow the straightforward steps to magnificent results. That way you stay enthused with your hobby instead of getting bogged down or overwhelmed. But if you do want some of that technical stuff, links take you to the back of the book, where you can get deeper knowledge.

With my step-by-step recipes, you’ll learn how to turn ordinary subjects, ordinary situations, ordinary places, into truly amazing artworks.

You can’t lose. If you’re not happy with this book, you may ask for a refund within 60 days of your purchase. This guarantee is backed up by ClickBank, the safe way to make online purchases.

“You are like a dynamo, generating enthusiasm, inspiration and the confidence to keep experimenting and learning. All those years of experience are priceless … greatly beneficial to me to put what I’ve learned together.”

“Getting down at eye level, highlighting the animal/subject, and un-clutter the background were some of the points I took away. It helped me to be reminded to think more about a shot and how I can get the best out of it rather than just snap away.”

“I learned how to set to Daylight, ISO to 200 and use a crude diffuser. I also have a macro setting so I set that. It was fun doing a little more than just point and shoot.”

“I knew what a lot of the controls on my camera were but now I know how they can be applied to get the effects I want. I also feel that now I have the confidence about using my camera to get off “P” and start practicing with manual settings. The other thing that really made an impression on me was the time and thought required to set up a successful and satisfying shot. When I find myself rushing and snapping I will stop and remind myself to think through the composition and how I can creatively control the scene I want to capture.” Read more…

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