The Irish Blessing of May the Road Rise Up to Meet You – Tony Cuckson

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The Irish Blessing of May the Road Rise Up to Meet You - Tony CucksonMay the road rise to meet you May the wind be always at your back May the sun shine warm upon your face, The rains fall soft upon your fields And until we meet again May God hold you in the hollow of His hand.

In the ebook An Irish Heritage there is given a full appreciation of the most common of all Irish Blessings This is the Irish Blessing above which begins, “May the Road Rise up to meet you.” This Irish blessings isn`t just about how you might travel through an Irish landscape. At its deeper level this most familiar Irish Blessing invites you to understand the journey of your life.

The road that this Irish Blessing calls to rise up before you is that road that will take you into higher and higher levels of personal and spiritual development. This road is not an outer road. It is the inner road. The higher the road climbs, and it climbs forever, the nearer you are to the Light that illuminates all and is ever illuminating your true way. This true way is not a way of words or creed. The true way is not some set way owned by a particular group of people within time and space. It is more a way of resonance.

There is one sure way to travel this road that this Irish Blessing invites. This signpost is not a popular signpost and too few people are encouraged to follow it. Yet it is part and parcel of Universal Way to peace and contentment. It is one of the ways that all religions teach and few practice as a core teaching. When was the last time when you were told explicitly that you are not only loved but that you are Love? When were you last invited to serve Love as the only Way that will ever set you free from the sense of loneliness and isolation that we often feel in this world of form? This way up the hillside, up the mountainside, into that station of forever has been practiced and taught by the greatest of teachers who have graced human form and radiated the presence of the All One.

This is the practice of service. Without this key practice in your life then you are likely to be held on the flatlands and even get caught in the doldrums. This metaphor of the doldrums represents the ever-increasing prevalence of depression within out Western culture. I know of many people who struggle, not only to give the gift of who they are, but recognise the gift of who they are. This service can be as simple as a smile to the cashier behind the desk rather than the poisoning of the collective mindset with the irritation of ‘little me.’ It can be the service of a prayer to invoke the healing of the core wound in the collective human psyche. It could be a kind word or email to a friend in need. It does need to be a practice. It does need to be a committed practice each day and a primary committed practice each day.

This is the proper use of your will, which is the willingness to serve the highest good. The ego does not… Read more…

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