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The Composite Blues Scale for Electric Guitar - My eBook MasterWhile our website still works in your browser, there are some features you won’t be able to take advantage of. Luckily, upgrading is easy!

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The concept of The Composite Blues Scale for Electric Guitar is to show the guitarist how to improvise and compose with the composite blues scale over the dominant, major, minor 7th and Minor 7th b5 chords. This is a necessary book for the modern guitarist who wants to improve his chromaticism and Blues vocabulary by understanding the connection between the chromaticism and the blues scale in different music styles: Jazz, Rock, Funk, Fusion, Pop and Latin.

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About The Author: Jean Marc Belkadi is a French born, American Jazz Fusion Guitarist known for his great improvisational skills and for being the Music Coach to many famous professional guitarists. His years of teaching Master Classes and Open Counseling Sessions at Musicians Institute and Lama made him one of the most respected and sought-after Guitar Instructor in the world, often featured in Guitar Player and Premier Guitar Magazines. He is the author of 11 bestselling instructional Guitar Book/CD sets published by Hal Leonard, the world’s largest music print publisher and the The Composite Blues Scale for Electric Guitar published by Belkadi Publications

Contact:!/TheCompositeBluesScaleForElectricGuitar!/jeanmarcbelkadi!/jeanmarcbelkadibooks Read more…

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