Take Group Photos That Will Definitely Stop People in Their Tracks

Introduction by ebook's author:

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Take Group Photos That Will Definitely Stop People in Their TracksThey’ll make comments like: “It was a good group,” or “The weather was just perfect.”

They might even mention how challenging it was to decide on the location, deal with lighting, effectively pose everyone, and maintain control of the group. Unfortunately, that doesn’t help YOU take better group photos.

Even though the above points do need to be addressed, there is a better way to take group photographs than telling everyone to “Move over there and smile.”

I’ll make you a promise, and back it up with a 100% Money-back Guarantee… Apply what you learn in our Group Photography E-Book and…

Your group photos will be NOTICEABLY BETTER (even if you’ve never held a camera before) Or… You Pay NOTHING!

As a professional photographer with 17 years experience, I realize that most photographic information is much more complicated than it needs to be. The No-Sweat Approach To Taking Great Group Photos is comprised of easy-to-apply tips for creating pictures that will amaze your friends and family.

So after answering the same basic questions a few hundred times, I decided to put it all together in a simple non-technical eBook. Not only is it a snap to understand, but you don’t need to be a photography guru to put it into practice.

Most group photos are very important. The photos taken at weddings, anniversary parties, birthday parties, family reunions… they’re all group photos. Thanksgiving, Christmas, children playing together… group photos.

Since our most important photographs include the people most significant to us, doesn’t it make sense to take the best pictures possible? People keep photographs of significant events their entire life, so what do you think… would you rather be proud or embarrassed, when you show them to others?

Discover the secrets for achieving the best group composition, background, and pose for any group size

Always know what to do when photographing any group because of your own print-on-demand “Cheat Sheets” that can be referenced wherever you go

Take memorable group pictures regardless of group size or environment; indoors or outdoors, day or night

Gain Instant Photographic Experience by reviewing critiques of more than 60 sample group pictures; listing what was done right, what could be improved upon, and why

Composition is good, everyone is smiling, the background has been nicely blurred. Everything looks pretty good, right?

The red rectangle cuts off 1/2 of the boy; while the blue rectangle does the same to his sister on the left.

The yellow rectangle is an attempt to make the best of a bad situation by only cutting off a small bit of both the boy and girl.

The originally cropped image (first sample shown) is a terrific crop, but will require a custom mat and/or frame. On the other hand, if this image can be cropped to an 11 x 14 size (that’s a STANDARD SIZE PICTURE), you will pay substantially less on framing charges. Remember to include about 20% of “excess” when framing a photograph like this. That will avoid very expensive framing costs (which are more than the cost of this ebook)! This is just one tip provided in The No-Sweat Approach to Taking Great Group Photos.

The No-Sweat Approach to Taking Great Group Photos is the easiest, most applicable approach on the internet for taking better group photos. How much better? We guarantee that your… Read more…

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