Photo Props – Create Your Own Incredible Pro-Level Portraits plus baby photography tips

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Photo Props - Create Your Own Incredible Pro-Level Portraits plus baby photography tipsINCREDIBLE! Create Your Own Incredible Pro-Level Portraits Without Paying Any Pro-Photography Fees…

“No more getting ripped off by expensive memberships. No more low quality “free” props that nobody in their right mind would ever want to even think of using. Finally, high quality digital photo props that anyone can use to convert their point and shoot digital snaps into stunning and professional-looking portraits”

If this is you then I have to tell you that you’re wrong. There is now a third way thanks to our incredible digital photo props which can be added to any of your snaps quickly and easily. Anyone can do it! Here are just a few of the many advantages you will enjoy with our props:

No need to own Adobe Photoshop. Our props come with a free and much easier to use photo editing software program.

Props are a great and fun way to make any photo look great. A few clicks of your mouse and junior can be jumping out of a gift box and creating a memorable photo that will be treasured for year to come!

They can literally transform a picture from dull to fun. Your family, friends and even your co-workers will get a great kick out of your “propped” photos.

Just think, 10 years ago you would have had no choice but to pay a studio photographer hundreds of dollars to make portraits like these.

We make it easier for you. We have created high quality, high resolution and, most importantly, great looking digital props that are easy to use.

Even if you have zero graphic design skills, it doesn’t matter at all. Making your own masterpieces with digital props is so easy that even the happy kids that you are taking pictures of could do it for you!

In just 4 simple steps you can transform an ordinary-looking point and shoot snap into a stunning, studio-quality masterpiece:

That’s all it boils down to: 4 simple and easy steps. Watch as I create a stunning portrait image in less than 5 minutes.

This package includes a series of video tutorials for Photoshop and GIMP (free software that comes included too!) that show you exactly what to do:

That’s right – you don’t need the expensive Adobe Photoshop software package either. Our package comes with a free photo editing program that works perfectly for creating your masterpieces.

With our package you get immediate access (no matter what time it is in your part of the world) to the 20 high quality digital photo props below. Each is 3,000 by 3,000 and 300 dpi which is more than enough for most people.

That said, if you ever need larger ones for any reason at all then I am more than happy to provide them.

If 20 high quality digital props are not enough for you then how about 10 studio digital backdrop complete series FREE as a bonus? These could easily be sold as an extra package on their own but I’ve decided to give you them for free with my digital props.

Here are a few photos that we created with these same digital backdrops. Do you remember when these photos would cost you at least $200 to take at your local studio?

How about 8 unique and wacky themed digital backdrop series that are guaranteed to provoke a smile from even the… Read more…

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