Nightclub Photography 101 – Nightlife Photographers – Become a Pro Nightclub Photographer

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Nightclub Photography 101 - Nightlife Photographers - Become a Pro Nightclub PhotographerNightclub Photography 101 is a complete guide on how to become a professional club photographer. Get Paid to Party. Learn Insider Tips & Techniques.

The Nightlife Photography industry is quickly growing. More and more individuals have discovered that they can make great money by taking photos of beautiful people at popular nightclubs. Nightclubs will pay photographers to help create an exclusive atmosphere at their parties, and deliver high quality images for use in their marketing and promotion efforts.

Nightclubs and Promotion Companies are always looking for new photographers. With the right skills and techniques at your disposal, anyone can become a successful party photographer in a short amount of time. You don’t need a photography degree, you just need to know the special settings and tricks to create clear, crisp, high-end nightlife photos. It’s a great way to make a lot of money part-time on nights and weekends. Not to mention, you’ll be partying at the club while you work!

Nightclub Photographers can make from $100 – $200 an hour working at parties. It’s all about your how good your photos are, making a name for yourself, and getting to know the right people. By using social media, word of mouth, and other more advanced self-promotional techniques, a club photographer can generally work 3 – 4 HOURS A NIGHT, and 3 – 4 NIGHTS A WEEK.. You do the math…

Read Nightclub Photography 101 to learn everything you need to become a successful party photographer.

Earn money working at smaller clubs while building a reputation for producing amazing nightlife photos.

Use the special techniques taught in Nightclub Photography 101 to land high-paying jobs at the best nightclubs in town.

My name is Matt Karsten, and I’ve been a professional nightclub photographer for over 6 years. I started at the bottom, not knowing anything about the industry, and worked my way up to the top. I now take photos at the hottest nightclubs in Miami & South Beach. I’ve rubbed elbows with celebrities like: Will.I.Am, Ricky Martin, Busta Rhymes, Diddy, Kelly Roland, Steve Aoki, Bob Sinclar, and DJ Tiesto. Let me be your mentor and teach you what I’ve learned over the years to fast-track your nightclub photography success.

The nightclub photography industry is very secretive. Successful photographers don’t like telling people how they do what they do. This is because the barriers to entering the business are low, and the income potential is high. Anyone can start photographing people at parties, and professionals don’t want any more competition. So they keep their best business practices confidential. I wrote Nightclub Photography 101 to finaly remove this veil of secrecy, so all photographers have a chance at success.

YES! I actually started my nightlife photography career in college, shooting frat parties when I was 20 years old. Party photography in college is a great way to earn some fantastic part-time income, and you’ll get real popular with the ladies too! Everyone in college wants to party, so it’s a great place to make a lot of money and start your nightlife photography career.

NO. If you’re just starting out, you can buy some used equipment on Craigslist. In fact, when I was first starting out, I spent $600 on a used camera, and made it all back in less than a month. I’ll teach you ways to make the most out of the money you… Read more…

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