MHD Designs – Doll Photography Made Easy!

Introduction by ebook's author:

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MHD Designs - Doll Photography Made Easy!Hello, and welcome! I’m the photographer for my wife’s doll company, MHD Designs, and the author of “Doll Photography Made Easy”. My wife Magalie is a fashion designer for over a dozen different dolls, and our success in selling her designs is due (in part) to the high quality photos we use to show her work on eBay. I’ve been asked dozens of times “how do you do it?” and after answering emails from doll collectors, artists, and doll fashion designers, I’ve decided to go ahead and share the methods that have taken me six years and hundreds of hours to learn. This book focuses on what I’ve learned as a full time fashion doll photographer. It’s filled with full color photographs and illustrations to guide you through the process of taking professional quality pictures of YOUR dolls. Getting beautiful pictures isn’t hard at all, and I think you’ll enjoy reading my book. – Bennett Dawson 2007

You’ll receive several options for an easy-to-set-up photo stages, and I’ll show you my personal photo stage so you can see exactly how I do it.

I’ll show you how to make your doll ‘pop’ out of the picture by manipulating your camera’s depth-of-field. There are dozens of simple techniques like this, and all are clearly explained in my book.

You’ll see how to pose your doll for maximum dramatic effect. Within a few chapters, you’ll understand how to tell the difference between what the camera sees and what you see.

You’ll learn about the software that comes with most Canon cameras (you probably have similar software, but don’t know it!) I’ll show you how you can take pictures while sitting in front of your computer.

That’s a small sample of what you’ll find inside, because it’s ALL about getting the BEST photographs of your dolls.

If after reading this book you don’t learn new and easier ways to photograph your dolls, then I will personally give you a full and immediate refund without any questions asked. I give you a full 8 weeks to try the techniques laid out in this book, and if you aren’t thrilled with the results, you get your money back. You will get a speedy no questions asked refund at any point during the 8 week trial – just ask for it! I offer this guarantee because I know these methods and techniques work – period! Read more…

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