Making Beats Guide

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Making Beats Guide- Making Beats Guide will teach you to make sick beats in only 30 minutes. – Making Beats Guide will teach you “How to Use FL Studio Professionally” – Making Beats Guide will teach you basic concepts of FL Studio.

I have been making beats for exactly 5 years. I know everything about FL Studio. And it is your turn now ! FL Studio is actually easy to use. And I shared my own secrets in this guide. You will learn to make beats step by step with images (screen shots) in this Making Beats Guide Ebook.

If you want to make beats such as in these examples, “Making Beats Guide Ebook” is for you. This book which is 54-page with both images and written expressions will come to your aid. You can make musics like Hip Hop , Gangsta , Rap , West Coast , East Coast , Dirty South , Techno , Pop and beats in every kinds you want.

- You will learn Basic Concepts in FL Studio – What a pattern is and how to use a pattern – What a VSTi is and How to use a VSTi (Virtual Studio Technology) – Learning notes on keyboard – Composing a melody – Writing a rhythm – How to use Piano Roll – How to use Mixer Pallette and How to add effect to sounds – Mix & Mastering – Exporting song/music/beat as Mp3 with FL Studio – Making a beat in only 30 steps – Professional VSTi names.

Not limited to only this! If You buy this Ebook, a lot of bonuses will be waiting for you by this book.

I give you FL Studio 10 because of that reason: While you are reading expressions with images, on the other hand you practise things which I have told.Therefore learning to make a beat as soon as possible is inevitable for you.

(The only downside is you can’t save fl studio project files , but you can save as mp3 / ogg / wave in demo version)

Three FL Studio Project (FLP) Files, each of which is worth at $50! FL Studio Project files will help certainly you to learn to make beat. You can improve yourself in beat field by examining these examples.

Drum Kit Sounds which are worth at $150, too necessary while making beat and designed in quality Studios are Presents!

Hey you don’t have to be professional musician , you don’t have to spend money on professional studio tools , and if you don’t like Making Beats Guide , then you can take your money back from CLICKBANK… Read more…

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