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Learn To DJ With Virtual DJ Home - Digital DJ TipsWant to be in the DJ box, not looking up at it? With Virtual DJ Home, you can – if you learn the secrets. This course will teach you all you need to know to get the DJ bookings and success you dream of. Pic: Harper/Smith

Well done! In choosing Virtual DJ Home, you’ve got your hands on one of the most powerful DJ programs available today, for free.

Now it’s time to make it pay, by taking the essential training that can fast-track you from absolute beginner to playing your first real DJ gig, in as little as four weeks!

Learn To DJ With Virtual DJ Home is an online video course brought to you by Digital DJ Tips, the makers of the best-selling How To Digital DJ Fast training programme, and is the only Virtual DJ Home training product approved by Atomix, the program’s makers. They know that it offers the fastest, easiest way to start getting DJ success using Virtual DJ Home.

As a new DJ, all your really need is someone who already done all of this to “show you the ropes”. Is it really possible to DJ like a pro using just software, and free software at that? Won’t other DJ’s just laugh at you? How do you assemble a music collection, organise your tunes, prepare your software, learn to beatmatch, get your head around effects, headphones, looping, keyboard mapping, setting up in a DJ booth, successfully play your first gig?

It can take many months of superhuman effort to work this stuff out for yourself. So why not let someone who’s already done it show you the basics?

I’ve DJed in some of the world’s best nightclubs, and this course takes all of that experience and applies it to Virtual DJ Home.

Granted, I’d already been a professional DJ (running my own night, playing in Privilege in Ibiza, guesting at U2′s nightclub, DJing for Ministry of Sound’s radio station…) for nearly 10 years. But then I realised digital was the future, and knew I had to switch – and suddenly, I didn’t have a clue again! I bought Virtual DJ, and spent many, many months getting proficient. Slowly, through trial and error, I switched to DJing professionally with just my laptop and a copy of Virtual DJ. It was several years before I bought any “real” DJ gear at all!

Since then, as well as DJing in “normal” clubs, I’ve played in some amazing places with my laptop and Virtual DJ – places where you could never DJ with traditional gear: Beach parties, pool parties, impromptu raves, even in hotel rooms!

Along the way I’ve taught hundreds of DJs about every aspect of digital DJing, countless of whom have gone on to get gigs and success for themselves. I continue to help DJs to learn, every single week: my pro video training courses sell hundreds of copies a month.

Please let me introduce myself properly. I’m Phil Morse, DJ and founder of the Digital DJ Tips website. And today I’m happy to announce that I’ve teamed up with Virtual DJ to bring you this exciting new beginner’s training course for Virtual DJ Home. Read more…

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