Learn The Secrets To Good Flash & Studio Lighting – 3 Week Workshop

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Learn The Secrets To Good Flash & Studio Lighting - 3 Week WorkshopFrom: Scott Voelker Dear Friend, If you’re FRUSTRATED trying to figure out how to get good lighting and create professional portraits…don’t worry, because you’re not ALONE! I was there myself around 12 years ago, who had no idea how to take good pictures. But…my wife and I, who is also a photographer…had a passion and a desire to learn.

But, you get the point :-) I was frustrated and confused and just kept buying stuff I didn’t need hoping it would be the magic bullet. I later found out, that I could have received Great results with Basic equipment, if I would of had a good teacher. I would go to my local camera store and ask questions and feel like they were annoyed. Then I would ask less questions and try to figure it out on my own…and get FRUSTRATED! Over the years I figured out the hard way how to get professional pictures and eventually we opened a full time portrait studio that supported my family. (I still remember the day I told my Boss…I Quit!)

Then I took what I learned on the business side and started teaching my business plan also known as our “NewPortraitBiz Photography Business Plan” . Now..I wasn’t a lighting expert, but I got the job done and I built a business around it. After teaching my course online now for over 2 years, I hear what lots of people are struggling with every single day. That’s why I said…You’re Not Alone! Most people struggle with this element and that’s why I decided to create this workshop.

I discovered Joe Marshall a 30 year veteran who knows a 100 times more than me on flash and studio lighting from teaching my NewPortrtaitBiz course.

We became very good friends and I felt he would be an AWESOME teacher…because he’s already been teaching this stuff. Joe is a well know Photographer in the Ft. Lauderdale, Florida area for teaching “lighting workshops” to local camera clubs and various other events. I always feel after I talk to Joe, I have a lot to learn still and I take every chance I get to pick his brain. I’m always wanting to learn more about getting better portraits and adding new techniques to my bag of tricks. So…I asked if he would join me in teaching an online workshop together and he agreed. I myself know how to get good lighting, but I wanted a professional who is passionate about lighting and makes things REAL easy to understand.

After 6 months of us Skyping and creating many lessons and good content…The EzFlashPhotography Online Workshop was born and now people just like you and me can go through a full class in your pajamas…if you’d like :-)

Seriously…we created this class to be spread out over a 3 week period with various lessons and homework to make sure you get results…Fast! This isn’t going to be a workshop with a bunch of theory that’s boring. The lessons are in small bite size pieces and straight to the point…so you to get results. Plus…you get assignments to practice what you’ve learned. If you’re like me…I learn best by doing it. That’s what a workshop does. Joe creates simple lighting recipes and… Read more…

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