Learn How to Play Slap Bass Riffs with FunkyChopsª – Free Bass Lessons

Introduction by ebook's author:

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Learn How to Play Slap Bass Riffs with FunkyChopsª - Free Bass LessonsFree Samples Below are samples from FunkyChops™ 101 Slap Bass Riffs, vol. 1 Please note that these samples are smaller & lower quality than the download product.

Non Corporate Product Made by a Musician Yes, I am trying to earn money… but I am definitely not here to rip-you-off. I’m an honest musician trying to earn an honest dollar for something that can really help you. I learned to slap the hard way. My experience can help you grasp ideas faster than I ever did.

Bass Players Love FunkyChops™ Beginner to pro bassists have said some really nice things about FunkyChops™ . Publications like Activebass and REDzine have given FunkyChops™ great reviews.

What’s the Price of Fun? Professional bass lessons cost around $30 for a half-hour…. how much can you learn in that time? With FunkyChops™ , you’ll learn tons at your own pace.

FunkyChops™ Download Version Please note that the download version contains lower quality video than the cdrom version to save download file space.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee ClickBank will, at its option, replace or repair any defective product within 60 days from the date of purchase.

“Product is TOO COOL!!! This is A MUST for EVERY Bass Player! X-cellent” “it’s what I hoped it would be, this is a real break through for me as I’ve tried learning slapping myself and with a teacher and didn’t do very well, I’m already slapping the basics” “I currently take lessons from a guy who is the king of funk. you have broken things down so simple that anybody can learn.” “A learning tool you gotta have! Highly recommend” “a day and it’s already working wonders!”

Hi, my name is Jim Lee. I’m an artist, musician, educator & more. I play the bass, drums, guitar & other instruments too. I’ve been in many bands, from blues to punk. Anyway, if you want to learn slap bass riffs, I can help. FunkyChops™ Slap Bass Method Most bass instruction is theory oriented and boring… I wanted FunkyChops™ to be easy & fun. FunkyChops™ is a play-by-ear method that requires no note reading or prior slap bass knowledge. Each riff features audio & video played at 3 speeds.

I play a riff and you say “cool, can you play that slower?” … no problem, you hear it played slower and then you imitate. This is how I learned, except you’ll be learning much faster than I ever did. I’m showing you slowly, how to play slap riffs that blaze. Plus, you’ll improve your ear-playing skills which will make you a better bassist.

After you pay, you’ll be able to instantly download the web version of FunkyChops™ 101 Funky Slap Bass Riffs, vol.1. This slap bass video instruction works with Windows & Mac computers. Download is simple & easy. Buy it now, there’s nothing to lose… 100% satisfaction guarantee. You can’t get this anywhere else. Read more…

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