Learn How Play Keyboard

Introduction by ebook's author:

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Learn How Play KeyboardListen to the music examples over your computer speakers while you follow each note on your computer screen.

This is a hugely valuable learning tool that will speed learning and improve your keyboard playing while helping to train your ear to recognise the notes. It also helps to teach you how the keyboard music is constructed. Who knows, by the end of the course you might be able to write your own music as some of my other students do.

Each keyboard lesson is packed with powerful, easy to understand instruction designed to help you become the musician you want to be – with amazing speed. You will not only amaze yourself but everyone you play for.

IT’S EASY: Each keyboard lesson is written in an easy, straightforward style anyone can understand, as if the writer were writing to you as a personal friend. You will be surprised how easy music really is.

IT’S FAST: The object of the course is to get you enjoying your new ability as quickly as possible. You will be playing after your very first lesson. You will be delighted at how quickly you can grasp new concepts and turn them into dynamic music.

IT’S FUN: The course is written in a fun style and old, worn out concepts have been removed. This new technique will have you playing real music, the tunes you want to play, in double quick time.

IT WORKS: It has worked for thousands of others. This powerful system can work for you too – RIGHT NOW!

“The way everything is explained in plain English is very understandable and breaks everything down step by step so you understand everything completely.”

“I absolutely love it. It has changed my life because I have always wanted to learn keyboards and now I practice every night and thoroughly enjoy it. I could have never progressed without these wonderful lessons. You really have changed my life. To play music is magical.”

“I have purchased much material for learning keyboard and how to read music, but it was all so complicated that I lost interest. I have learned more from your first lesson than all others combined. Thanks again and keep up the good work.”

“I already like the tutorial. I’ve only just started with the first lesson but I already feel a lot more confident with reading sheet music. I like your style of teaching and I’m sure I’ll learn a lot quicker this time. I’ve tried others and have found the books to be cumbersome. Not so with your tutorials. The short cuts to learning are so obvious yet very effective. I’m looking forward to going through the entire set.”

You get everything you need to become an accomplished keyboard player… And You can be playing tonight! Here it all is in one simple package and one affordable price that includes total ongoing support.

Find out how professional musicians add the correct harmonies to melody notes even when it is not written in the music

Find out how the masters create magnificent orchestrated arrangement from just a single line of music

In addition you gain access to a library of free sheet music, sound files and regularly updated articles including the new ‘songwriter’s starter pack’ series of articles

You would expect this 4 volume course… Read more…

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