Learn Guitar 4 Kids

Introduction by ebook's author:

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Learn Guitar 4 KidsLearn Guitar 4 Kids: A simple and engaging way to learn guitar for young children. The book has been specifically designed for young children aged 6 to 9 years old who wish to learn guitar and have no musical experience. Covering melody playing with notes using clear diagrams and simple songs Learn Guitar 4 Kids also features activity pages for additional learning and fun.

Learn Guitar 4 Kids is a downloadable guitar ebook for children. Learn Guitar 4 Kids has lesson pages, activity pages and song pages. The lesson pages progressively introduce guitar notes one at a time, relating the musical notation of each note to the string and finger position on the guitar. Activity pages can be printed out for children to complete by hand, and provide both revision of the concepts learned and variety in the learning approach. Song pages combine each of the notes as they are introduced into simple melodies, starting with the first three open guitar strings, before adding the remaining notes.

Young kids love variety. Learn Guitar 4 Kids was developed with this in mind. Every page introduces something new and well as providing a quick revision of previous topics. Each page of Learn Guitar 4 Kids is colourful and interactive.

Your child can learn to play guitar, so why not give them the gift of music? Guitar is a great instrument to learn, it will pave the way for future music success on guitar or another musical instrument.

The Learn Guitar 4 Kids ebook has been written and tested by Lachlan Wilson through his own first hand experience teaching guitar to children. Lachlan has a focus on teaching guitar and improving teaching methods.

Lachlan has a thorough background and education in music and music teaching and has tried many guitar books with his students over the years. He has now developed his own method to truly match the educational needs and capability of young children.

Do I need any previous music or guitar experience? Learn Guitar 4 Kids does not require any previous musical or guitar experience. Learning to play guitar is easy and fun.

Learn Guitar 4 Kids can be used with or without a teacher, any adult can assist in the learning. This also provides a great exercise for you to tackle with you child. Any type of guitar can be used, classical, electric or acoustic.

Can I buy a print version of the book? A print version is currently being prepared and will be available soon. Please check back shortly.

Is your payment system secure? Payment is made through the secure and trusted process provided by ClickBank. We do not receive your banking details at any time.

Why an eBook? Quite simply, the ebook format allows us to keep our costs down and the savings are passed directly to you. It also means we can update the book without worrying about having to clear old stock. Which means that you get the latest version. Learn Guitar 4 Kids has also been specifically designed for iPad display.

When will I receive my book? Immediately upon successful payment you will be directed to our download page where you can download the book.

Is there a guarantee? Yes, simply contact us in the event that you are not 100% happy, and we will refund your money.

Is there a matching CD or audio files? A CD… Read more…

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