Industrial Product Photography

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Industrial Product PhotographyAlways in demand, become a high paying Industrial Product Photographer. I’ll show you what equipment you’ll need, how to setup to get the shot, the Photoshop work and how to market yourself.

It’s Always In Demand, Make Money Shooting Industrial Product Photography. If you want to start making great money as a professional photographer, then Industrial Product Photography is the way to go. It’s lucrative, consistant and always in demand, making money as a photographer has never paid more. I truly believe there is no larger market for a photographer to be in then the industrial product photography field. Consider all of the industrial parks in your city with large to medium sized companies. Many of these companies are developing and assembling new products everyday. All of this equipment needs to be shot for brochures, slicks, catalogs, web sites and tradeshow exhibits. You also won t need the largest megapixel camera or tons of lighting equipment to get into the field. I know that it may not seem as glamorous as shooting models in bikinis. But those jobs are hard to find on a consistent basis and most companies that need product photography need it consistently. Products are always being designed, built, redesigned and rebuilt on a regular basis. They need to be shot and reshot and they’ll call you back everytime. The best part about being a product photographer is that they will also pay you and pay you well year after year. If you have no idea how to light and shoot industrial products then this book is for you. I’ve been shooting industrial products since 1985, from film to digital. Over 90% of my shoots are on location, so I’ll show you my equipment. How to set it up, light it and do the Photoshop work. From production to marketing, this 75 page book has over 130 photos, drawings and screen captures to help turn you into a product photography shooting pro.

“Sure, I’ve shot a lot of commercial photography over the years. Lots of wrestlers like Hogan and Savage and many models for calendars and catalogs. But nothing has consistantly paid the bills like Industrial Product Photography, yes, you can make money with photography.”

Ten product photography shoots from beginning to end, covering the shoot, lighting, setup and all the Photoshop work. Shooting and combining eight separate images in Photoshop to create one of the most perfectly lit images that you’ll ever see. Even if you have a low megabyte camera, you’ll be able to shoot images that are two to three times larger then you normally can. After shooting with a 4 x 5 film camera for 20 years, my first digital camera was a Canon 6 mp Digital Rebel and I did some of my best work with it. How to light stainless steel and chrome. How to setup an image to print as a 3D lenticular postcard. My camera and lighting equipment, (Canons or Nikons work great). Using paths in Photoshop to remove backgrounds perfectly. How to setup and design press print jobs in Photoshop. How to use lens flares for effect. How to market your new product photography business and why there is a growing market for you. What not to say to your client during your first meeting and when to give them your quote. Creating your first product… Read more…

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