How To Write A Song – How To Write A Song

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How To Write A Song - How To Write A Song“You Can Now Discover All the Secret Techniques that Successful Songwriters Around the World use to Write Amazing Hit Songs Time and Time Again…”

Perfect for those who DON’T want to pay thousands in songwriting tuition fees and DON’T want to spend countless hours making the common mistakes most people make when trying to write hit songs…

Imagine how impressed your friends and family would be if you were able to write songs like the ones in the charts?

Well… with what I’m about to reveal, you are just moments away from being able to do it yourself!

If you don’t already know who I am, my name is Dan Scott and I’ve spent the past 10 years on a quest to become a master of songwriting and have managed to uncover all the latest techniques that successful songwriters around the world use for writing amazing hit songs over and over again.

And now for the very first time this knowledge and expertise are going to be shared with you in my “Ultimate Step by Step Guide to Professional Songwriting”

“I have been lucky enough to meet and be taught by some of the best in the music industry”

I have spent literally thousands on top songwriting courses, bought countless ‘How To Write A Song’ books and have met leading songwriters such as Paul Weller, Ronan Keating, Chris Difford, Steve Hillier (who has written 15 Top 40 Singles) and many more…

I’ve spent time amongst many industry heads such as the Head of EMI Publishing, Managing Director of Epic Records, Managing Director of Sony Music and the Vice President of A&R at MCA/Universal Records to name a few…

All of these people have imparted invaluable wisdom to me with regards to songwriting and on becoming a successful artist.

“And now for the very first time these industry secrets and expert knowledge are available to you in one concise, easy to read, step by step guide!”

The best thing about songwriting is that you don’t need to be a musical genius to create fantastic hit songs, like any other skill there are techniques and rules that you can learn and apply to achieve this.

I know this because I have taught it to many other aspiring songwriters and have seen just mind blowing results!

It doesn’t matter whether you are a total beginner or a professional songwriter as I guarantee that you will find the information in my Ultimate Step by Step Guide to Professional Songwriting incredibly valuable and it will put you in front of the 99% of other songwriters that don’t have access to this expert knowledge.

In the Ultimate Step by Step guide to Professional Songwriting we cover absolutely everything you need to know about songwriting and how to write amazing, memorable hit songs that people are just going to love listening to.

AND if that’s not enough I am throwing in an extra bonus chapter for those that take action today which is my “Ultimate Step by Step Strategy for Defeating the Dreaded “Songwriter’s Block”

Whether you are writing songs for your band? Writing a song for a loved one? Or you simply write songs as a hobby? This guide will help you achieve that goal in the fastest time possible. Read more…

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