How To Write A Screenplay

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How To Write A ScreenplayIs this you: Your finished screenplay sits in your lap. It’s your masterpiece, and it has taken you many long months (or possibly years) to finish. You keep reading and analyzing and trying to pinpoint any possible weak points in your storyline. You give a copy to your friends to read, to co-workers, to your neighbors…and probably even your mom, hoping for their approval and input in case you missed something. After all, you only have one shot at this, and you better have your script perfect on its first submission. If Hollywood agents and producers don’t like what they read the first time around, your script is forever dead.

Whether it be a horror film, a love story, an adventure movie, a comedy, or any other genre of film, the Seven Moments are the universal foundation to every storyline. Without them, your story will fail miserably. My book exposes these secret moments and teaches you how to capitalize on their attention-grabbing power.

Captivating an audience is tough work. I’m here to help you. I’ve written a book about the Seven most powerful Moments within a movie that keep your audience’s eyeballs glued to the screen. Ever notice how some movies put you to sleep? And some keep you on the edge of your seat from beginning to end? There is an applied technique for captivating an audience. Nobody else teaches how to do this. I discovered the Seven Moments, and I’ve written a book specifically geared towards screenwriters. You will learn how to use these moments to craft a strong screenplay.

To the most important person in the production process – the screenwriter: do you want to know what really matters in a movie? Do you want a competitive edge that will help you write and sell your screenplay? Are you tired of all the circular ambiguity that film schools and books teach? Do you want to know the core elements that make a movie successful?

I’ve studied over a thousand movies. Dissected them. Dictated every word of dialogue, every moment of action. This book is a summary of what I found to be the primary moments within a movie that make an audience take notice. I spent eighteen straight months dissecting some of Hollywood’s most profitable movies. What I learned was truly shocking: There are universal moments within every scene that make an audience take notice. Anyone can learn what these moments are, and can use this knowledge to write a script that will captivate any audience. With my book at your side, you will have an extreme edge over your screenwriting competition.

You will not find another book that discusses what I reveal in this eBook. Not yet, at least. Inevitably this information will find its way into film schools because this information is what separates the blockbusters from the box-office failures. And any credible film school will adopt this system of analysis before too long.

What you will learn becomes blatantly obvious once you understand the concepts. After reading my book, you will be able to sit down, watch any movie, and easily spot the strongest (and weakest) scenes. You will be able to do the same with any screenplay.

Screenplay: The Seven Moments that will captivate your audience reveals the secrets behind every great… Read more…

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