How To Sing Opera – Sing Opera Now

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How To Sing Opera - Sing Opera NowListen below to Giuseppe Giacomini, one of the greatest tenors of all time, speak for a few seconds, then listen to him sing.

The truth is that everybody is born with the same vocal equipment just like everybody is born with a pair of legs. And every single one of us can run!

Opera singing is the same way! You have a voice box just like everybody else and you can absolutely learn to sing with an operatic voice so gorgeous that it will simply shock you (and those around you!) once you begin learning how.

“I always thought I had a very nasal singing voice. After going through your video lesson and applying what you teach my voice immediately began to sound more warm and balanced and I didn’t sound nasal!”

“Vic gives excellent fundamentals in a very concise way. He’s very sincere and warm in his presentation…”

“Vic – your ebook, audition guide and especially your video lesson helped me get into a university music program. Thanks bro…”

Today I’m going to give you the knowledge that it took me over 5 years of singing research, teaching and performance to discover.

You’ll be able to save tons of time because I’ve ONLY included the most powerful, fundamental principles, exercises and techniques so that every single moment that you take out of your busy schedule to work with the Sing Opera Now program will grow your operatic voice.

If you’ve been singing all your life or if you’ve never sung before, Sing Opera Now is for you. Because I’ve broken down this skill into an easy-to-understand system that you can pick up whenever you have the time, you’ll never feel lost if you take a few weeks off and come back to it.

“ I’ve wanted to learn to sing Opera all my life but thought it was for other people and not me. I worked with your video lesson and I’m stunned at how operatic my voice is starting to sound. I’ll keep practicing Vic..thanks so much!!”

So now that you know that talent and being “born with it” are myths and now that you’re ready to possess the extraordinary ability of making an operatic sound that touches everyone who hears your voice, join me as I take you on the journey of learning how to sing opera from the comfort of your own home, on your own time, whenever you want.

As soon as you get Sing Opera Now, you’ll get access instant access to the download and to my personal email and be able to ask me anything about singing anytime you want.

I Guarantee The Quality Of These Tools And If For Any Reason You Would Like A Refund, I Will Issue It In Full Immediately, No Questions Asked!

It’s just a matter of doing some things correct with your voice and body. The first and most important thing is to lower your larynx. The larynx is simply the scientific term for the voicebox.

If you yawn while keeping your hand on your throat, you’ll feel your larynx sink gently down. Now keep it there. Try singing something but DO NOT allow it to rise. This might feel awkward for you and sound unusual and that’s because you’re unaccustomed to it… Read more…

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