How to Make Panoramas

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How to Make PanoramasHow often have you come home from your vacation with dozens or even hundreds of photos, only to feel disappointed that somehow your snapshots never seem to capture the grandeur of the sights you’ve seen?

Suppose you could follow a simple series of fully illustrated, absolute step-by-step instructions, and learn how to shoot a series of frames, then join them seamlessly together into a fantastic panoramic scene like the one above.

Imagine how you’ll feel when your friends ask where you bought your gorgeous new eight foot panoramic photo canvas, and you tell them you created it yourself with photos from your last vacation!

Do you want to learn how to use your ordinary digital or film camera to go wide, and transform your landscape photos from bland to grand?

With the easy to follow, fully illustrated instructions in this brand new e-Book, The Absolute Step-by-Step Guide to the Perfect Panorama, you’ll quickly master the basics of creating stunning panoramic images like the one above.

In 1991 I took the trip of a lifetime, visiting fantastic scenic locations like the Grand Canyon, Yosemite Valley, Hawaii, and more. I shot literally hundreds of photos. But I was constantly frustrated by the tiny fraction of the scene I could fit in my viewfinder. I knew these photos were never going to do the scene justice!

In desperation I decided to shoot some panoramic sequences, turning the camera a few degrees between each shot. I hoped that when I got the prints developed, I might be able to paste them together and give people a better sense of the grand sights I had witnessed.

And I had some success with it. When I got home, by painstakingly matching up the photos and carefully cutting them out with a scalpel, I was able to put together some basic scenes like this one:

Years later, I bought my first photo scanner and I wondered if there might be a way to put my panoramas together on the computer. I found some software and gave it a try, but I ran into a lot of problems. The software could stitch my photos together, but the joins showed up as light and dark bands, and there was a lot of ‘ghosting’ in the overlap areas. After hours of painstaking work in Photoshop, carefully fixing up some of the worst problems, I had put together one half-decent panorama. But I still had dozens more in the shoe box!

Then in April 2008, at my fortieth birthday party, I jumped up onto a garden table to take a photo of all the guests who had just finished singing ‘Happy Birthday’. They were spread out across the whole yard, and everyone was smiling and happy.

But I knew I could never fit it into a single shot. What the heck! I snapped off two photos and thought, maybe I can put these together on the computer.

Later I fired up the same software I had tried years before. I fed in the two photos and waited while it did its thing. Unfortunately the results were not good! Again, the join was really obvious, and even worse, some of the kids in the photo had moved while I was setting up the second shot, and they showed up in the finished panorama as… Read more…

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