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Guitar CourseBased on my experience of playing gigs – whether solo, duo, trio, or quartet, working in big bands, busking in the Paris Metro, playing on cruise liners, being mentored by world famous Jazz Guitarist Martin Taylor – no shame in name dropping – and many many years of teaching, I have found the ideal solution!

I’ve put all the experience and knowledge I’ve gathered over the years into this guitar course and know that I can help you grow as a guitarist.

Everyone understands that you can’t build anything of greatness without a solid foundation – once you have a strong base all things are possible and creativity grows naturally at its own pace.

Pretty self evident? – well let’s consider how the keen and aspiring guitarist sets out on his or her personal musical journey…

So how can I take you “BEYOND TABS” to a place where your own creativity is at last set free?

Professionally filmed and recorded at Savalas Sound Studios in Film City Glasgow, within each module there are video lessons which take you step by step through the lesson material…

Ever wanted to learn to play by ear and improvise? We don’t just tell you how to develop your ears musically and learn how to improvise…..we work with you to train your ears and develop your improvisation skills. Try out this interactive “ear to hand” training video. Based on the principles of “Call and Response”, listen and watch while the notes are being played and sang and then it’s your turn to sing / play when when the video goes silent….

The technique lessons in the course take you from basic to advanced technique with great tips and exercises along the way…

To enable you to look over everything that the lessons cover when you’re not at your computer; all the lessons come with supporting TAB, standard musical notation and printable PDFs

The guitar course is supported by an online forum where you’ll get support from your fellow students as well as myself, Alan Geddes.

With all these resources at hand, plus the support of the “BEYOND TABS” community…you’ll be gradually growing your ears…your technique…your knowledge…your confidence….

All the time you’re learning new songs…classic songs like “What a Wonderful World”…blues songs…folk songs…

This course and support community is so exciting. If only there had been the internet and courses like this when I was starting out over 30 years ago!

LET’S PLAY and go BEYOND TABS This is not just a one off download product…this is a musical journey…so come and join us…You can’t believe that so much can cost so little…Still not sure?…try out our free guitar arrangements in the free guitar song lessons section. These videos take you step by step through song lessons for the classic songs “Over the Rainbow” “Moon River” and “Cry me a River”

Basic Guitar Technique: In this module I take you through some basic guitar techniques; sitting positions, left hand technique and right hand fingerpicking.

Reading Tab and standard notation: There are different ways to communicate music, in this module I layout the basics of both TAB and Standard musical notation investigating their strengths and weaknesses. Read more…

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