Djembe and Dunun Rhythms Notation and Hand Drum Lesson Book

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Djembe and Dunun Rhythms Notation and Hand Drum Lesson BookIncluded: Easy notation for a wide variety of popular drum rhythms – hand drum lessons – rhythm concepts – tips and tricks – resources – practice patterns – basic universal patterns – audio files – and more!

–an intermediate djembe player looking to go beyond the basics and “put it all together”? Are you ready now to learn more about junjun (also called dundun or dunun) and bell parts? Or maybe you just need a solid collection of traditional West African drum rhythms in drum tablature notation, to hone your skills between workshops or performances.

–a kit drummer who’s looking to expand your chops into the expanding genres of world beat, fusion, reggae, or latin groove music–or to explore the roots of funk, jazz, and blues? Maybe what you need is a handy reference for playing African drums or African-based drum beats which you can adapt and apply creatively to the kit drum components of your choice.

–a performing or advanced drummer looking for a quick reference of ensemble arrangements for African and Latin dance rhythm arrangements, dundun patterns, or lead djembe solo parts? Maybe you want to share your drum knowledge with others, and can use additional rhythm parts and techniques to make your lessons or group repertoire more effective. You’ll also find here unique transcriptions, distillations and compilations of traditional patterns, to help you compose or arrange original percussion pieces and adaptations.

Think about it: the price of this book is what you would pay for one short workshop–yet it offers enough high-quality material to fill a year or more of workshops!

This all-new collection of rhythms helps you take the next step in playing West African drums for dancers, in a group, or just for fun. Whether you are a beginner or lead soloist, you will find here a valuable reference for basic djembe accompaniment parts, bass drum (dunun) and bell patterns and variations, and lead djembe solos.

Where Roots Jam 2 is more comprehensive, this latest compilation is more selective, drawing on the author’s past five years of intensive study and practice to select complete and cohesive ensemble arrangements for 16 of the most popular traditional West African dance rhythms. You will also find new material to assist you in mastering traditional and improvised djembe solos; understanding basic downbeat, upbeat and offbeat timing structure; and choosing from among the most interesting bell and clave patterns for your own jams or arrangements.

Roots Jam 3 features notation for 27 original compositions for djembe, dununs and percussion. Audio tracks for these are available in mp3 or audio CD format, along with recordings of all 16 traditional West African rhythms. The traditional pieces are layered instrument by instrument to facilitate your learning of each part; then the ensemble is featured along with lead solos for listening or playing along. All tracks are recorded digitally using Percussion Studio software; the effect is close to live in quality, yet more precise to ensure the clarity of your listening and learning experience.

Nowick Gray’s most recent professional work as a drummer has included study in West Africa and elsewhere with master teachers who are at the top of the field, including Famoudou Konate and Mamady Keita. He has been arranging the music and playing dununs and lead djembe for West African dance classes several times a week… Read more…

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