Digital Backgrounds – Digital Backdrops

Introduction by ebook's author:

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Digital Backgrounds - Digital Backdrops“I love your process for making digital backgrounds! It’s much easier than others I’ve seen. I’m able to create one in about a minute. Where as, by doing the other way I’ve been taught, I would spend almost 10 minutes (that doesn’t include the time it takes to remember how to do it).” ~J Wilson

“Studio Quality Portraits Right From Your Living Room! Absolutely no Chroma Key screens of any kind were used.

“I had to write to say how great the videos are!!!…Oh boy, do you make extractions easy! Thank you! I think your way is much smarter than chroma key, it avoids all the yucky green reflections & spill on the model that make them look sick.”

“I just used the information found in your e-book, “How To Make Your Own Digital Backgrounds” for the first time. Wow! This is the exact tool I have been looking for at just the right time. I have been doing portrait photography (amateur) for many years now, and am learning to use Photoshop 7. I have many portraits whose backgrounds just didn’t look right. With your information, I am now able to construct perfect backgrounds for all my digital photos. Many thanks for the e -book. It is well worth the purchase price!” ~K McIntire “You’re right it took me less than five minutes to go through the process. I am new to digital imaging especially using Photoshop so a step by step procedure (meaning what key to press) is really helpful. The procedure is concise and to the point. It doesn’t stray like other procedural books that I have read.” ~R Racelis “First of all let me say what a fantastic video, a very informative film with very clear and precise instructions so even a novice Photoshop user like me had no trouble hiding it. I had seen the extract method before but your explanation as you carried out the task and method I thought was brilliant, and a lot easier to follow than just a plain old tutorial. Your digital backdrops methods are second to none, after spending 5 minutes quickly running through your detailed instructions, I had created a digital backdrop, with hotspot. Now at leisure I can make any colors I want without having to go through the process again, although it doesn’t really matter as a matter of 5 minutes and you can create a whole new one. As somebody striving to become a self employed digital photographer, but not too excited about spending large amounts of money on muslin backdrops etc and portrait background, I found this to be a perfect alternative, with some stunning results.” ~B Moir ” Although I was a little wary about ordering something what I’ve already learn how to make backgrounds to look more like studio. But your video is worth every penny. I have had to work more time trying to make my cutout not to look pasted. You really have cut my time way less than I expected. Thank you for putting light on that subject and I called it “one of my $1000 secret tips!” LOL. People asked how I do it and I just zip my lips seal. Once again, thank you!” ~Norma “I have just read your E-book on how to create digital backdrops… It is well laid out, and I… Read more…

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