Clown Interviews – 2011 Clown Summit Audios

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Clown Interviews - 2011 Clown Summit Audios2011 Clown Summit Audios will be taken off sale on Dec 1 2011- Get them while you can!

I think you’ll agree with all the people that have listened so far, these interviews are AMAZING! The free eBook is great, but it only has a small portion of the interviews. You miss alot! Also, some things get lost in the transcription, these interviews were made to be heard not read. There is nothing like hearing the clowns talk. You really get a feeling for their personality and their energy. Wouldn’t you like to hear them? Wouldn’t you like to hear the clowns talk about their ideas? Now you can buy the audio interviews and listen to them anytime you want to! You can download them or buy the 6 CD set. You can have these amazing interviews on your iPod, computer, or on CD! I listen to the interviews while I drive or workout at the gym. What these clowns have to say will inspire you. You will want to listen to the interviews several times. Why do I know? Because I have been inspired by them and I’ve listened to them a few times! If you are serious about the art of clowning you owe it to yourself to get these audio interviews. There is no other book, video, CD collection, or website with information like this in the world!

Clown Summit Testimonials:

“…priceless…absolutely priceless”- Pearl
“A brilliant, inspiring and enormously informative interview”- Paul
“Inspiring and priceless!”- Brenn
“I really enjoyed hearing how Michael’s clown career began and how it and his character evolved.”- Greg
“Thank you for this really interesting and heartfelt interview” – Nazneen “What a great hour! I loved every minute very informative thank you so much”
“A wonderful interview with a wonderful man. It’s not every clown that will speak about the form in ways that resonate with your own priorities, motivations and struggles with it. Very inspiring, indeed.” – Zea
“This was a very comprehensive and in-depth interview, not just for it’s perspective on the art of clowning, but for it’s wisdom and clarity in the realm of humanity itself.” – Paul
“I am truly grateful to have had the opportunity to hear this interview.”- Mr Smyth “This was 4 star interview.”- Jack

Let these interviews feed your passion for clowning! Get ready to hear some of the most inspiring clown interviews ever conducted. There is no other product like this on the planet! Let these master clowns share their wisdom with you! Read more…

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