Camera Career – Freelance Photography, Microstock, & Selling Photos

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Camera Career - Freelance Photography, Microstock, & Selling PhotosIn this 2011 version of our guide we’ll show you how to build your own freelance photography business.

How would you like to get paid for taking good photos and selling them? That’s what this business is all about. It doesn’t matter where you live. Thanks to the Internet freelance photographers are able to work from anywhere in the world.

The life of a photographer is never boring. One week you might be shooting some new images to build up your collection of stock photography. The next you might be working on assignment for a large corporation. And another time you might be shooting photos for a magazine article or travel publication.

In case you haven’t already realized, the digital photography industry has been enjoying an explosion in growth, and it is technology that has led this boom. Technology has led to the development and production of millions of advanced digital cameras, and it has also led to growth in the Internet which photographers are using to upload, share and email their photos.

That’s also why photography-related sites are being snapped up. Back in 2005 Yahoo acquired Flickr for $30 million. Then in 2007 MySpace acquired Photobucket for $250 million. In 2008 Getty agreed to purchase Jupiter (who owned StockXpert) for $96 million. And in 2009 we saw Shutterstock buy BigStockPhoto.

Certainly this is a fast-moving and exciting industry. The explosion of growth in the digital photography industry has been very positive for freelance photographers.

Every year, millions of new web sites come online. Hundreds of thousands of web masters and authors are actively searching for good photos to illustrate their web sites, ebooks, ezines, and other online publications.

Turn on the news or pick up a magazine and you’ll discover stories of moms running home-based businesses selling photos online. They are not only having lots of fun and doing something they love – they are banking regular paychecks from photography sites and depositing additional payments for hundreds of dollars from selling photos to magazines.

Would you like to get in on the action? In Sell Your Digital Photos we will teach you exactly how you can get started selling your photos!

We don’t just discuss one way to sell photos, we show you a number of ways – so that you can make the most of every opportunity to cash in with your snapshots!

And don’t forget, as a freelance photographer YOU get to decide just how many hours you put into your new business. So if you want to give yourself a break or take some time off to spend with your family or friends, you can do it!

So, would you like to be paid for taking photos? If yes, then there’s nothing to stop you from taking the first steps right now.

“Excellent and comprehensive guide on how to earn money with your digital photos! One could start with nothing more than an interest in digital photography before reading this book, and have all the knowledge they need to start up a business after finishing it! The resources sections are phenomenal. This book saves the reader months, if not years of research. Highly recommended.”

Don’t be! You don’t need those because most of the time you’ll be uploading your photos and selling them directly from the Internet! Read more…

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