Bryce Alexander Perfect Pitch Mini Course-Absolute Pitch Simulator

Introduction by ebook's author:

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Bryce Alexander Perfect Pitch Mini Course-Absolute Pitch SimulatorSales are handled by the secure server at Clickbank, the largest digital products retail outlet in the world.

The Absolute Pitch Simulator is easy to use. The complexity of the system is behind the surface where the actual processing occurs. For the user, simply plug your instrument in to the microphone input of your PC, load the program, get some headphones or speakers plugged in then set your volume levels and start playing. There is also the option to play .wav files through the system. A special folder is set up to store .wav sound files to be played. If multiple files are saved in this folder, the simulator will play them at random, this means you can save sound files of various notes and test your perfect pitch recognition skills.

The product is available as a .zip download and the application format is .exe. This can be downloaded immediately for only £22.50.

Available hardware for recording your instrument or voice. You can check if you are able to do this on your PC by opening Windows Sound Recorder and recording a sample. The microphone input of your sound card or motherboard is usually a pink socket.

If you plan to use an acoustic instrument, please ensure you have a suitable microphone. For example, you will find that a microphone suited to human voice does not pick up a violin very effectively.

Your computer needs to be able to accept a signal from the microphone input and output the signal with minimum delay. A normal computer, even a few years old, with only on-board sound can do this (NVIDIA nForce with Realtek is the most common). There is an ASIO version of the application included for use with the ASIO4All driver, which bypasses the latencies caused by Windows.

The Simulator will exaggerate the “pitch colors” of notes from E2 to F#5 (the range of a guitar).

When you purchase the Simulator, you become part of our community of musicians. You will have access to all kinds of forthcoming materials:

Further lessons continuing from the mini-course about covering all note characteristics from E2 to F#5

To answer these questions, we need to understand a few basic acoustic principles. Firstly, every tonal sound from an instrument, voice, or any other source contains a fundamental frequency and several harmonics. Harmonics are sometimes referred to as overtones and are always present. Even if a single sine wave tone is generated and output to a speaker, there will be harmonics in the sound. This is because of the physical nature of waves to create other waves. The harmonics of a tone are multiples of the fundamental frequency. When you play an A440 on your instrument, the sound you hear is made up from 440 Hz, 880 Hz, 1320 Hz, 1760 Hz, 2200 Hz, and so on. Usually the fundamental (440 Hz) has the most energy, the second harmonic (880 Hz) has less, and the general trend is a decrease in volume as you count up the harmonics, although some instruments do take exception to this. Incidentally, the second harmonic is the same as the “first overtone”. This can get confusing so I am keeping with the terminology of harmonics.

Different instruments have different harmonic spectra. The following diagram shows the spectrum for a clarinet.

The general trend is a decrease in… Read more…

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