A.S.A.Piano! Easy Songs & Tunes For Beginners To Learn To Play On Piano & Keyboard

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A.S.A.Piano! Easy Songs & Tunes For Beginners To Learn To Play On Piano & Keyboard“Thank you so much for this course. I don’t know if you plan on doing any more songs but I would definitely like to be first on the list when you do. I can almost play Let It Be and I can’t wait to get to Brown Eyed Girl.” Matt Scroggins – (after just 1 day of using A.S.A.Piano)

Welcome to A.S.A.Piano. My name is Samantha Griffiths and I’m a qualified piano teacher, musician, songwriter and also the creator of the A.S.A.Piano Instant Playing System – a quick and easy way to play piano & keyboard, regardless of your age or ability.

I teach all levels and all ages and my passion for teaching is driven by seeing complete beginners making quick progress with their playing, getting real enjoyment from learning to play and so go on and become life long pianists or keyboard players.

Having been a piano teacher for over 8 years I’ve come to realize that although traditional teaching methods work for a very small number beginner students this way of teaching & learning does not inspire the vast majority of people.

Traditional teaching methods focus purely on learning theory and scales first, before several months down the line putting this knowledge into practice and actually playing a recognizable tune.

It’s in these early weeks and months that most people drop out and quit because progress is slow, their sense of achievement is not fulfilled, they feel like they’re failing not succeeding and decide that maybe piano is not for them after all.

What most people would really like to do is dive in and start playing songs and tunes to get a feel for the instrument first.

Without the Motivation to reach attainable Goals it is very hard to Succeed at learning piano, keyboard or any musical instrument for that matter, so it is this simple but powerful formula that A.S.A.Piano is built on.

My carefully developed system gets you actually playing a complete popular song in your very first lesson, leaving you literally buzzing with the enthusiasm to go on to play a full one hour song repertoire in as little as 12 days.

Songs that you will be proud to play to your family and friends. Songs that everyone knows and loves. Songs with that WOW factor!

The unique and easy Instant Playing System literally rips the pages out of the ‘traditional teaching’ rule book and then simply re-orders them.

Instead of you being forced to spend months of your life learning theory first, it propels you directly to the enjoyable part of piano that every beginner longs for – actually playing great tunes that sound amazing.

What better feeling can there be for a beginner than to be able to play a complete song all the way through after their very first, one hour piano lesson, with the flair of a far more advanced pianist, and then go on to reach the goal of their very own one hour repertoire of classic songs.

The techinique is called ‘playing by ear’ and is the same method used by all the top performing musicians when playing live …after all, when have you seen Elton John, Alicia Keys, Lady Gaga or classical artists such as Lang Lang and Kissin… Read more…

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