Anti Spam Policy

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Anti-Spam / Anti-Solicitation Policy

We hate spam as much as you do! has adopted a very strict anti-spam and anti-solicitation policy, necessitated by the growth of the our community. Our desire is to keep this site free of solicitations and keep the focus on discussions and comments.
We fully endorse and comply with the requirements of the CAN-SPAM Act of 2003 and all other applicable unsolicited commercial e-mail laws.
We do not send out unsolicited Email (UCE/Spam).
We do not knowingly do business with any company or person(s) that uses this Spam practice.
We do not sell or trade or otherwise transfer any Email or personal information we gather from prospects or clients.

What is doing to become “anti-spam”?
In the event that we decide to start an opt-in email program, the guidelines below will be strictly followed. hopes that individuals find our e-mail communications informative and helpful. However, we respect the recipient’s wishes for either receiving or not receiving e-mail communications from us.
1. Valid addressing
The e-mail communication will be sent to a single recipient with the intention of it being received by only one individual. The sender address will be a valid e-mail address that is monitored by our employees. Therefore the sender address can also be sent e-mail. The sender address will always end in
2. Valid headers/subjects
The e-mail communication will always have a header or subject that is appropriate and true to the content provided in the communication. The header or subject will not be used inappropriately or give a disproportionate benefit to the sender.
3. Valid contact information
Any contact information in the e-mail communication will be real and relevant to
4. Valid subscribe/unsubscribe service
The e-mail communication will always have the “ Preference Center” information at the end. website will always provide information on how to subscribe or unsubscribe to any of our e-mail distribution lists. The process to subscribe and unsubscribe is simple, real, and requires only a few seconds.

We also have a privacy policy posted on our website, which addresses the fact that if someone chooses to interact with, they have our guarantee of privacy. We will never willfully disclose personally identifiable information about you to any third party without receiving your permission.
5. Relevant and beneficial information for the recipient attempts to provide honest information about our company, advertisements, products, services, or other information which we feel will be in some way relevant and beneficial to the recipient.
6. Mindfulness and compliance with company policies’s e-mail distributions will be mindful and in compliance with its current Privacy Policy as well as its Anti-Spam Policy.

If you are promoting our site please abide by the following guidelines:

You may promote this site to friends and associates via e-mail as long as you have their permission to contact them or have a prior e-mail relationship with them. This is perfectly ok to do and is treated as solicited e-mail.
If you have a site, you may wish to tell your members about our site via your mailing list, this is also ok as long as the people you e-mail to are closed loop or double opt-in subscribers, meaning that when they joined the mailing list they confirmed their subscription. Alternatively, site owners can just place a link on their site to ours.


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